"From my very first CVAC pod session, I have experienced the most deep and restful sleep I can
ever remember. Regarding athletic performance, I have thrown over 50 innings since 01.12.14
with very minimal soreness following each outing. I have used the CVAC pod before and after
games with great results by helping reduce inflammation in my joints. As a result of great sleep,
I have been able to function at high levels and with increased clarity and awareness."
- Jim Kearschner
(personal trainer and 12 time MSBL- Mens Senior League Baseball Fall Classic Champion)

The CVAC pod is so comfortable and relaxing. After completing tier one I had great nights sleep
following baseball practice. After the baseball season ends, I look forward to getting back and
getting more sessions with the CVAC pod.
- Ozzie Timmons
MLB former player, now coach