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More than 20 billion animals are killed for food in America annually. Believe it or not, pigs and chickens and cows are very intelligent. Would you eat your dog? Other animals are not walking entrees. They are creatures with feelings and families.

Most animals are just babies when they are slaughtered for food. Due to antibiotics and growth hormones with “modern science,” these animals grow at accelerated, unnatural rates. These animals who have life-spans of normally 10-25 years, are slaughtered at 1-2 years of age, and their tortured and abbreviated lives are encompassed by the smell of hazardous chemicals like ammonia. crippling and painful bone disorders from growth hormones, and traumatic noises from being poked and prodded and mistreated in overcrowded.

A vegan/vegetarian can save over 100 animals per year by not eating meat.

You will save money on medical bills because you’ll be healthier.

You’ll save money in the grocery store because meats and dairy products are more expensive than plant products and non-dairy options.

Being vegan/vegetarian will help alleviate hunger and save human lives indirectly. The world’s cattle alone consume enough food to meet the caloric needs of 8.7 billion people according to a report in 2010 from the United Nations.

Researchers from Univ of Calif-Riverside say that cooking one charbroiled burger causes as much pollution as driving an 18-wheeler for 150 miles. Another study out of Loma Linda Univ shows that vegans especially have the smallest carbon footprint, generating greenhouse gases that are 40% less than meat-eaters.
The Pew Environment Group estimates that over 520 million chicken raised and killed each year in the states MD and DE generate enough waste to fill the dome of the US Capitol 50 times, or once weekly. And one cow produces 140 pounds of manure daily and this excess factory-farm waste seeps into our waterways, affecting humans and aquatic life.

Brazil, the world’s largest beef exporter, so much of the Amazon rainforest is being slashed and burned, to create grazing land that is equivalent to the size of Portugal. Brazilian government reported that there are three head of cattle for every human.
Meat and dairy products are toxic for the body. Humans are omnivores by choice, not carnivores. We cannot eat raw, bloody meat as carnivores do. Medically speaking, our gut is constructed more like herbivores, rather than carnivores. Cow’s milk is for cows. All mammals drink milk from their mom, and do not need any milk later in life. Same goes for humans.

Vegans/vegetarians are not malnourished. In fact, some of the strongest mammals in the animal kingdom are vegetarian. Horses are a prime example. Lean muscle, beautiful hair…after all, we measure strength in horsepower. Plants can offer up to twice as much protein as meats.

Studies have shown that children who follow a more plant-based diet have health advantages when they get older. They are known to have lower rates of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases and certain cancers.
Being a physician, I understand I cannot convince everybody to follow an absolute plant-based diet. My goal and duty is to educate people, arm them with information, and help them understand how they can be healthier. A plant-based diet makes the body alkaline. Cancer and chronic inflammation and disease thrive in acidity.
For more educational information, you can always check out PETA.org.