Synergistiq Wellness


Today is the 5th father’s day without my dad.
Just about this time I said my final good-bye to him, hoping he heard me.
each year i grow stronger and spread my wings more.
Today I stood with my new colleague in Tampa, as my medical practice, Synergistiq, has also sprouted her wings.
It was a successful and impromptu meet & greet, and I love spontaneity, providing its carefully planned.
Daddy, your dream was to become a physician, but when you came to America as a bachelor with nothing, and earned your Masters in electrical engineering, you became my hero.
I would like to say I fulfilled your dream and made you proud when i earned my MD, but you’ll be even prouder to know that the spirituality you infused in me without even knowing has made me the person I am today.
On a lighter note, I may have to dust off my white coat, because nobody thought we were the new physicians in town.
I heard that everyone thought we were aestheticians.
That’s fine, because I am introducing aesthetics into my practice, which is so exciting.
Thank you, daddy, wherever you are, I know you’re smiling down upon me.