Synergistiq Wellness


As I left my office late yesterday evening, the last call I picked up, which I almost didn’t, was a patient requesting to have the Juliet vaginal rejuvenation as a Xmas gift to herself.

She went on to explain how the intimacy between her and her partner had been compromised and she needed something to bring it back. She also said she needed this right away to start off the new year right. And so I booked her immediately because I value how my patients feel.

She was so excited, she didn’t even want to hear how awesome the Erbium:YAG laser technology is in regaining vaginal tone, flexibility, lubrication while renewing intimacy and vitality in her sex life. It is a safe, quick, in-office procedure, no anesthesia needed and requiring virtually no down time.

Dr Verma understands the essence of mind-body-spirit as an integrative MD. Mental and physical wellness synergize with one another and are keys to a healthier and happier version of your existence.

Call for your free consultation today re: the Juliet. Also great for laser skin resurfacing of the face for both men and women. Vanity is sanity!