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Dr. Deepa Verma

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Meet Dr. Verma

Integrative medicine is a healing-oriented practice, designed to encompass how one lives and embraces life. Being preventative and proactive allows you to optimally age, while at the same time, derailing and halting chronic disease processes. Integrative medicine emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between the practitioner and the patient, taking into account the whole person, mind-body-spirit, as well as all aspects of lifestyle, from diet to exercise to sleep.  When used appropriately, a combination of conventional and integrative methods can successfully facilitate the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

Founded in 2013

Synergistiq Integrative Health was founded in 2013 by Dr. Verma. After years of feeling unfulfilled treating patients traditionally, Dr. Verma decided to change course, following her passion to educate and heal each individual as a whole, not as a fragmented and dissected collection of systems.

Today, Dr. Verma is deeply committed to the importance of integrative medicine and practices exactly what she preaches, living her life the same way that she expects her patients to. Synergistiq Integrative Health represents peace, renewal, and rebirth, as the practice was born during a challenging time in Dr. Verma’s personal life. From the beginning, her goal has been to create a practice that could give patients an opportunity for a healthier and happier version of their existence.

As a well-known TV personality and blogger, Dr. Verma strives to enrich the lives of everyone she meets. She understands the frustration and angst of patients who are sick and tired of feeling tired and sick. Dr. Verma’s training has taught her that in order to find a long-term cure, patients need treatment that addresses the root cause of their symptoms, not just addressing their lab numbers. Dr. Verma’s relentless pursuit of total well-being embodies the essence of Synergistiq Integrative Health.

Ayurvedic Medicine with Dr. Verma

Integrative medicine draws from the principles of Ayurveda, which is arguably the world’s most ancient and intricate medicinal system. Ayurveda states that the mind and body are inextricably connected. There is nothing more powerful than using the mind to heal the body. To be free from illness depends on an individual’s ability to bring their mental awareness into balance.

Ayurvedic medicine comes natural to Dr. Verma, as both are of Eastern-Indian origin, with these theories flowing through their veins. Born and raised in America and Canada respectively, the physicians have the advantage of harmonizing Western and Eastern medicine. As 1st generation Indians in North America, they grew up always finding a way to bridge these two cultures.

Dr. Verma firmly believes that everyone should be given a chance to create a happier and healthier version of their existence. The preservation of health is easier than the cure of disease.

Always be proactive, never reactive.

Be healthy. Be happy. Be awesome.


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Rebecca Grissom
Licensed Aesthetician

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Meet Rebecca Grissom

Rebecca hails from Tallahassee, Florida where she received a Bachelor of Science in Multinational Business. She spent many years in the pharmaceutical sales industry, however, through her many visits to Tiruvannamalai in Southern India, she decided that her path should be of a healing nature. This has brought her to us as our aesthetician. Her passion is health and fitness with an affinity towards meditation and yoga. Understanding that the body and mind and spirit are connected, maintaining balance in all aspects of life, including diet, activities, and daily practices, these are all essential for peace and well-being. The skin is the largest organ in the body and the barrier to the outside world. It must be strong and vital for protection from aging, infection and disease. It is never too early to start a prevention protocol. 
Rebecca is currently studying Varma healing, meditation and herbalism.  
In life, we must always be a student, for we learn by teaching and teach by learning. 
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