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Approximately 30% of all adults and 40% of all children suffer from allergies. Seasonal and environmental allergies are by far the most prevalent and treatable among all allergy sufferers. Sneezed 100 times today? We are proud to offer you allergy testing at Synergistiq Wellness.

Getting An Allergy Test


Feeling Good Again

How Allergy Testing It Works

Upon arrival you will fill out a diagnostic evaluation describing your symptoms, history, etc. Our nurse will then take a small prick blood sample from your finger. This sample will be sent to our lab for testing. We then get the info back from the lab identifying allergic factors and offer you immunology injections. The first few will be done at our office followed by the remaining treatment being done from home.


Immunotherapy formulations are prepared for each patient based on the results of an allergy test. The treatment can be administered by injection (allergy shots) or with sublingual drops. A typical course of allergy immunotherapy will take a few years to complete, but it is the only treatment that provides long-lasting relief, with the potential to become totally allergy free.


With subcutaneous immunotherapy, an allergy serum made up of traces of common allergens (grass pollens, tree pollens, etc.) is injected under the first layers of skin so it can absorb into the blood stream. With sublingual immunotherapy, the serum is deposited under the tongue where it absorbs into the bloodstream through cells in the mouth. As the body is exposed to this serum, it may become desensitized to major allergens so that it will stop overreacting to them when it encounters them in nature.


SLIT is widely considered more user-friendly than shots and can be taken in the comfort of home rather than at a medical clinic. Studies have shown sublingual immunotherapy to be safe for kids less than age 5. It is also a good option for people who travel often, as they can be taken on the go. SLIT has been supported by dozens of clinical trials performed throughout the world.

SLIT is used in many countries, particularly those in Europe. In fact, more than 45 percent of Europeans who receive allergy treatment opt for sublingual immunotherapy. SLIT is often a popular choice in the United States because of its effectiveness, its safety record, and the fact that it can be dosed at home. SLIT is affirmed by WHO (the World Health Organization) and ARIA guidelines (Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma).


Frequently asked questions ABOUT ALLERGY TESTING

What is Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT)?

SLIT is an alternative way to treat allergies. Small, incremental doses of an allergen are placed under the tongue to boost tolerance to the substance and reduce symptoms.

How is SLIT administered?

Daily drops of allergen extract are placed under the tongue for 10 seconds. Drops are administered at home after the first dose is tolerated in our office.

What are the Risks of Allergy Shots?

There is a small danger of anaphylactic shock (a severe allergic reaction) shortly after an injection. Therefore, allergy shots are given in an allergist’s office.

Can Allergy Shots Relieve Asthma?

Allergy shots are effective in the treatment of allergic asthma. Allergy shots can help relieve the allergic reactions that trigger asthma episodes, thereby enhancing breathing and decreasing the need for asthma medications.