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but to satisfy a savory craving this time. You can always let your palate guide your instinctual cravings.

For me, it’s about being ultra healthy but being happy with what I am eating. Often times, people feel tortured and dissatisfied when they are trying to eat healthier.

All the unhealthy foods can be the tastiest ones, but also the most detrimental ones to your health.

Think burgers and fries and cakes and donuts and milkshakes and candy and chips etc.
You can find healthy replacements for the unhealthy foods, trust me.

I preach about it every day, but I also practice what I preach.
It took me awhile to find a good vegan cheese.
Dairy cheese must be one of the hardest things to give up.

I know meat presents a lot of challenges as well.
What I created here is a Middle Eastern spicy yogurt tahini pita chip dish.
Great snack idea or even lunch.

I combine a couple of tbsp of non-dairy yogurt with a few tbsp of tahini sauce. Then I add a teaspoon of black cumin seeds and 1/2 tspn turmeric powder

(I buy all these from an Indian grocery store because these are native spices and economical when bought), add chopped raw onion and mix in a few tspn of organic cassava sweetener (you can use honey, but I prefer to be fructose-free).

Lastly, I add a handful of pita chips that I crushed in my hands.

I used multigrain, but you can use gluten-free if you wish.
Mix it up, eat, or refrigerate.