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My last post was about being pink. Now it’s time to go green.

This is my “green monster” concoction.

It’s based on all Ayurvedic plants ? that can make you invincible. I supplement with this a few times weekly and feel amazing.

First, I use water that my broccoli ? has steeped in.

Then I add neem, amla, matcha, moringa, turmeric powders with some black seed oil.

These Ayurvedic plants have been used for centuries in India ?? for prevention and healing of diseases. Collectively, they have powerful anti-oxidative capacities that promote beautiful skin and hair and teeth for anti-aging benefits.

Neem is very bitter and can be used as a natural pesticide.

Moringa is a superfood that is packed with every nutrient /vitamin/mineral imaginable.

Amla and turmeric and black seed oil along with the aforementioned boost heart and brain health, fight acne, improve digestion, reduce inflammation, regulate cholesterol and sugar levels, cleanse the liver, reduce cancer risks, and the list goes on.

I love being Eastern Indian as an integrative MD, because this is what is innate to me.

I spread the wealth of preventative health to all my patients, friends, and family, because I want everybody to be better than they have ever been.

Be healthy. Be happy. Be awesome.