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Always stay true to your roots.
I love being Indian.
While growing up, I had my challenges, standing out, being bullied, doubting my identity.
but I always stayed true to my roots.
I started Indian classical dance at an early age which I still have a passion for.
I embraced nose rings and toe rings and bangles and bindis and henna and tattoos and yoga and spices and Ayurveda and beautiful Indian garb & jewelry and everything else that defines being Indian.
I am glad I stayed true to myself and never doubted who I was.
because today, I can fully embrace everything I am and where I come from, as a first generation Indian-American woman.
As a physician practicing Ayurvedic integrative medicine.
As a mother raising her own children and teaching them to be proud of who they are and their ancient motherland.
No one ever said it is easy, but it is worth it.
Be fearlessly and fiercely authentic.