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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Unless you’ve had a mastectomy due to breast cancer, you’ll likely be paying out of pocket for breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation is the fourth most popular cosmetic procedure for women, behind rhinoplasty, facelifts, and eyelid surgery. 

The earliest successful breast augmentation surgeries go back to the 1960s. In the six decades since the first successful silicone breast implant procedure, various materials and techniques have been available to women—from saline and silicone implants to the more natural-looking fat transfer techniques.

With so many different breast augmentation methods available, the cost of having the procedure can vary dramatically based on several factors. In this post, Synergistiq Wellness will provide a detailed breakdown of what exactly goes into pricing a breast augmentation.

We’ll answer the following questions—

  • How much does breast augmentation cost?
  • What goes into the cost of this procedure?
  • What are the different types of breast augmentation surgeries?
  • How can I pay for my cosmetic procedure?

By the time you are done reading, you’ll know exactly how to interpret any cost estimate from a cosmetic surgeon and if you are getting a good deal. Remember, with cosmetic procedures, or any self-investment, you get what you pay for. 

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What Affects the Cost of Breast Augmentation?

Many factors affect the cost of this procedure. The number of factors involved helps explain why the average price range for breast augmentation is so large. A woman can expect to pay anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 for breast enhancement.

Let’s break down the reasons for such a large price range. Six main factors work together to determine how much a breast augmentation surgery costs—

  • The type of breast augmentation procedure affects the cost.
  • The location you receive surgery affects the cost.
  • The surgeon’s fees, experience, and popularity affect the cost.
  • The type of anesthesia you need affects the cost.
  • The pre-procedure tests affect the cost.
  • The post-op care affects the cost.  

We will explore all six of these factors in detail to help you better understand what goes into breast enhancement pricing. 

What Kind of Breast Augmentation Are You Interested In?

When people hear “breast augmentation,” they most likely think of breast implants. Breast implants are certainly a common type of breast augmentation surgery, but they aren’t the only type. 

There are two main types of breast augmentation—breast implants and fat transfer for breasts. Additionally, a woman may elect to have nipple augmentation, which can correct uneven nipples or change the size and shape of the nipple or the areola.

As you’ll discover, the type of breast augmentation you choose will impact the total cost.    

The Cost of Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone implants were the first successful breast implants. This option tends to be more expensive than the alternative implant material—saline implants. 

  • A pair of silicone implants costs between $1,500 and $2,500. (Pricing is for the cost of implants only, not the procedure.)

The Cost of Saline Breast Implants

Saline implants were also invented in the 1960s but were not as popular as silicone implants because they looked and felt less natural. In the 1990s, the FDA temporarily banned silicone breast implants based on information that was later proven false. 

Regardless, the ban left saline implants as the only option for several years (the FDA has since lifted the ban). Saline breast implants are a cheaper alternative to silicone breast implants. Modern saline implants are usually made of a silicone shell and are filled with saline solution after being inserted into the breast.

  • A pair of saline breast implants costs between $1,000 and $1,500. (Pricing is for the cost of implants only, not the procedure.)   

The Cost of Liposculpture and Fat Transfer For Breasts

Fat transfer for breasts is a cosmetic procedure that involves taking excess fat from one area of the body—usually the abdomen, flanks, thighs, or upper arms—and transferring it to the breasts. 

A fat transfer breast augmentation leads to the most natural-looking results because it uses the patient’s own fat cells to enhance the breasts. Because of its more natural results, this procedure is often called natural breast augmentation. 

This fat transfer breast augmentation involves three steps:

  1. Liposuction of areas with excess fat
  2. Purifying and processing the removed fat (increases the chance of a successful fat graft)
  3. Injecting the purified fat into the breasts to enhance breast size and shape

Because fat transfer for breasts is more complex than a breast implant procedure, the costs are usually higher for a fat transfer breast augmentation.

  • The total cost of a fat transfer breast augmentation can range from $6,000 to $15,000, depending on the amount of work needed and other factors. 

The Cost of Nipple Augmentation

Nipple augmentation is a corrective procedure designed to modify or alter the shape of the areola and nipple. Sometimes a nipple augmentation is reconstructive, like after a mastectomy, but other times it is cosmetic. 

Nipple augmentations are occasionally paired with breast augmentation surgeries to correct the mistakes of prior augmentations or to help the breast augmentation appear more natural.

  • The cost of a nipple augmentation procedure costs between $2,000 and $5,000. 

Your Location Affects the Cost of Breast Augmentation

Densely-populated, urban areas tend to be more expensive than rural areas—this is true for the price of coffee as well as for breast augmentation surgery. Not only are urban areas considered more competitive—as there tends to be more business—but the overhead costs of running a business are higher, too.

This means the cost of breast augmentation in Tampa FL, will cost more than a breast augmentation in the middle of rural Arkansas. However, there is another explanation for the higher cost of breast augmentation in urban areas—talented plastic surgeons are drawn to more populated areas because business tends to be more lucrative.  

The Surgeon’s Fee, Experience, and Prestige Affect the Cost of Breast Augmentation

When getting cosmetic surgery, you get what you pay for

Cosmetic surgery is an investment in your body and your body image. Like any investment you’d make in yourself—education or a professional certification—the quality of the results should be the determining factor. Not the price. 

Plastic surgeons that offer too-good-to-be-true discounts and deals are not being forthright about their medical experience and accreditation. It only takes one Google search to forever sear the horrors of discount plastic surgery into your mind’s eye.

It is expensive to become a board-certified plastic surgeon. Fourteen years of higher education prospective plastic surgeons need to pay for. Then there are the costs of running a cosmetic surgery facility and maintaining medical and operational licenses. All of these factors influence the surgeon’s fee.

Then you need to consider the facility fees. These fees cover the cost to successfully run and manage the surgical facility and maintain operating room facilities.

There are very tangible reasons why high-quality plastic surgery results are expensive, and the expense is directly tied to the outcome of your procedure. You must not let price be the ultimate deciding factor when shopping for cosmetic surgeons.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

The Type Of Anesthesia You Need Affects the Cost of Breast Augmentation

The anesthesiologist is an important team member who is responsible for your comfort during the breast augmentation. Depending on what type of breast augmentation procedure you choose, you may want general anesthesia or local anesthesia with IV sedation.

There may be health reasons why your surgeon may recommend one type of anesthesia over the other. However, both options are available to breast augmentation patients. General anesthesia is more expensive because it involves greater risk and is more involved—the anesthesiologist must bring you into a controlled state of unconsciousness and back again.

Patients need to consider the anesthesia fees when considering total breast augmentation costs.

Pre-Op Tests and Screenings Affect The Cost of Breast Augmentation

Depending on your age and health, your cosmetic surgeon will require several pre-op medical tests. Though standard, these tests are not free and ultimately impact the final cost of the breast augmentation procedure. 

Most breast augmentation pre-operative testing includes:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Chest X-ray
  • Mammogram
  • ECG (electrocardiogram)
  • Physical exam

If you have a history of cardiovascular problems, your cosmetic surgeon will require a stress test and cardiovascular evaluation. 

Does Insurance Cover Preoperative Testing For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

The cost of these pre-op tests will vary depending on your medical provider. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will not cover the costs of preoperative testing for elective cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation.   

Post-Op Care Affects the Total Cost

In addition to the pre-op costs, patients should consider post-op costs of breast augmentation surgery, including everything from prescription medications, follow-up appointments with the plastic surgeon, and related expenses.

In-Home Care

Some patients prefer to hire an in-home care nurse to help them in the days directly following their cosmetic procedure. The added help of an in-home care nurse can make the recovery process smoother but have an average cost of $25 per hour.  

Special Post-Surgery Garments

Some plastic surgeons include the cost of the post-surgery garment in the total cost of breast augmentation. But consider purchasing more to ensure a ready supply if one gets dirty.

If you’ve received a fat transfer breast augmentation, you’ll also need to wear a compression garment on the area you received liposuction on.

  • The average cost for breast augmentation surgery compression garments is between $75 and $115.

Lymphatic Massages

If you’ve received a fat transfer breast augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon will suggest lymphatic massages to reduce swelling, fluid retention, and the chances of developing seromas. A seroma is a pocket of lymphatic fluid that can occupy the cavities left behind after liposuction. That’s why it’s important to wear your compression garments as directed.

  • Lymphatic massages have an average cost between $100 and $120 per hour.    

Follow-up Appointments

You’ll also need to consider the cost of follow-up appointments after your breast augmentation procedure. Most cosmetic surgeons like to meet with the patient directly after the breast augmentation, one week, after four to six weeks, after three months, and finally after six months.  

How Can I Pay For Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Now you have a pretty good idea of what goes into the costs of a breast augmentation. The next logical question is, “how can I pay for my breast enhancement surgery?

Does Insurance Cover Breast Augmentation?

No, elective cosmetic procedures are not covered by health insurance. However, when breast augmentation is deemed medically necessary, insurance will often cover it. 

Usually, breast augmentation is necessary when the patient needs breast reduction surgery to help with back problems or if the patient needs reconstructive breast surgery after a mastectomy.

Are There Financing Options For Breast Augmentation?

Yes, many plastic surgery clinics offer payment programs and special low or no-interest financing options to help make the cost of plastic surgery more accessible.

Can I Pay For Breast Augmentation With a Credit Card?

Yes, there are also special low-interest lines of credit available to help patients cover the cost of cosmetic surgery. 

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