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Charcoal, Tongue Scraping and Oral HealthThe use of charcoal and tongue scraping for oral health date back centuries, over 5000 years to ancient India and Ayurveda, and the benefits have recently gained attention in the Western world.

I actually grew up noting these practices with my parents, not fully understanding the depth of their health benefits.

Charcoal toothpaste promotes dental health, along with oil pulling, amla, neem, bilberry, hawthorn berry and licorice root. Dental health and the state of the oral mucosa is essential to wellbeing of the body. The mouth is the start of one’s gut health, which is the foundation of overall health, mentally and physically.

I am holding a copper tongue scraper along with my natural charcoal toothpaste.

I scrape first thing in the morning to clear toxins and bad bacteria, remove the coating on the tongue, and freshen the breath. While increasing the sense of taste, this practice promotes an awareness of overall health.

Poor dental health can be linked to chronic inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Keeping the teeth and gums clean is not only an aesthetic thing, and we all know that beautiful teeth and a killer smile can go a long way, but good dental health goes much deeper than that. Don’t neglect your oral wellness!