Synergistiq Wellness


We live in a toxic world.
Whether it’s food/drinks we consume or products we use for beauty and vanity and hygiene… nothing seems safe anymore.
From soaps to sunscreens to shampoo to makeup to deodorant.
I did find that eating super clean reduces unpleasant body odor.
Sweating is necessary, it removes toxins, so I am not a fan of anti-perspirant.
But every once in awhile, deodorants are necessary.
In my quest to find a good, chemical-free one, I stumbled upon Every Man Jack.
Initially, I bought it for my budding young man, who’s entering the early stages of manhood.
Wow, I fell in love with this and stole it from him.
The scents are divine.
I tried Kiss My Face and Tom’s… wasn’t a fan of those for different reasons.
But Every Man Jack hit the sweet spot.
I know… the name implies use for males.
Is it Secret that said, “Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman?”
Well, EMJ is strong enough for a woman, but made for a man.
Fresh Scent, Cedarwood, Sandalwood are just a few of the awesome scents.
I am a woman who likes the scent of male cologne and deodorant.
Gotta mix it up every once in awhile.