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I know when I constantly post and preach about following a plant-based lifestyle, it may seem like strict doctor’s Rx and orders for a healthy lifestyle to ward off chronic disease.
Of course, my patients’ health and wellness are my #1 priorities.
However, I know there are no absolutes in life, it’s not all black and white.
I always tell my patients that I never expect everyone to be 100% plant-based and to exercise all the time and to meditate and to avoid toxins etc…
But I strongly encourage those habits, and am always their biggest fan.
That being said, I do have a light-hearted side when it comes to enjoying life without feeling so restricted by the parameters of striving for perfection in health and wellness and fitness.
After taping the news segment about plant-based diets and having a hectic day at work today, I decided to relax with a glass of wine ? because it’s plant-based after all, right ??
Bonus is that the bottle of wine had my name written all over it.
deepa BOGLE verma
And my personal assistant just sent me this awesome article.
So appropo.


Cheers to health and happiness!