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Oh. Wow.
I definitely get a sweet tooth every now and then, but I have sworn off high fructose corn syrup and white sugar and any artificial flavors or colors.
So then, you have to get creative.
My three boys sometimes think I am a bit of an extreme health nut, but they get it for the most part, and actually love partaking in our health journey.
I found this in my local Publix for $9, and let me tell you, it’s fab.
I know that healthy substitutes for the real thing can leave you feeling unfulfilled, or make you feel like you’re eating cardboard, but no, not this daiya dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free cheesecake.
I told my boys not to touch mommy’s healthy dessert, but lo and behold, it’s vanishing into thin air somehow.
This is the new york style one, which is plain, but I drizzled some açai berry syrup over it and it was divine.
Healthy foods can totally be delish.
Just explore and discover and get creative.
Can’t put a price on your health!