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Normally we post workout pics. I am posting a non-workout pic, lol.

Today, as difficult as it is, it’s my “day off.” It definitely takes more discipline to take a day off than to exercise for me, and maybe you feel the same way.

After a red eye home from Vegas, where I had an amazing opportunity to lecture at A4M, I still got my 7 hours of sleep, took my supplements, had my protein smoothie, meditated, honored my “day off” from working out because I killed it the last few days. So my muscles need to repair and recover.

And here I am at work, catching up and getting ready for the work week before the holidays. For the first time in five years of owning my medical practice, I decided for my sanity to close for the Xmas week. Because if I don’t take care of myself, I cannot take care of others. When you give, give, give, as a physician, a mother, a friend… you learn to take time for yourself so you can be at the top of your game to help others, and hopefully they appreciate it.

So, today, even though I spent a few hours at work, I did the PEMF, pod, IV, and feel rejuvenated. And as for not working out besides getting some squats in, I prefer to work hard to be as natural as I can. I would rather do a 100 squats and lunges a day than to opt for cosmetic enhancement like fillers in the buttocks etc. To each his/her own of course, but as a physician, I like to set the best example I can for my patients and friends and family… because I can. Age gracefully. Age is just a number. It doesn’t define you. I can defy aging. So can you!