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I did it!!!
Started my IV to feel platinum running through my veins.
The NAD IV therapy.
Fountain of youth.
Studies show IV infusion is far superior to oral supplementation.
NAD is a natural coenzyme produced in our cells that regulates several processes and prevents mitochondrial decay, the powerhouses of our cells.
The more NAD, the more SIRT1 which provides a slew of benefits to our body.
Studies in mice show that old mice had the muscle capacity, endurance, stamina and metabolism of their much younger counterparts.
The older mice became as fit & strong as the younger mice.
NAD slows down aging, so youthfulness is maintained.
I am hoping I can still look like I am 30 when I am 60.
Actually, the other day, someone guessed my age to be 26 randomly.
I was like “sure,” if that’s what you think.
Anyway, NAD is powerful in fighting depression and mood disorders as it boosts serotonin and dopamine and other neurotransmitters.
It is powerful in treating addictions, esp to opiates and alcohol.
It boosts energy and metabolism and controls hunger.
It allows for angiogenesis, new vessel growth, shown to help in heart disease, high BP, stroke patients.
It boosts memory and brain cognition and also is beneficial for the liver.
This is the cutting edge of anti-aging, integrative/functional medicine.
To learn more and get your NAD fountain of youth elixir, call Synergistiq Integrative Health today.
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Don’t miss out.
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