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Everyone has their own, unique, genetic makeup that dictates their overall health, response to diet and exercise, and ultimately puts them at risk for developing certain medical conditions. Unfortunately, aside from the information provided by immediate family, these traits are largely a mystery. However, using cutting-edge science, doctors are now able to pinpoint an individual’s specific genetic makeup to better understand how their body works, and tailor a plan for a long, healthy future.

Whole Exome DNA Sequencing from New Amsterdam Genomics

To create a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan, Dr. Deepa Verma offers patients genetic testing and sequencing through New Amsterdam Genomics (NAG). Using a fast, simple DNA test, Dr. Verma’s genetic sequencing maps vital information on family history and genetic predisposition. Each genetic test can be personalized to evaluate various aspects of mental, cardiac, and overall health. Genetic testing results can then be used to establish an optimal lifestyle.

The New Amsterdam Genomics’ process for whole-exome DNA sequencing brings patients the broadest range of health information available today. Each test analyzes all 22,000 genes, the equivalent of 15+ gene panels, to offer today’s most comprehensive results. With superior bioinformatics analysis, NAG provides patients with the highest accuracy available in genome information.

Dr. Verma’s genetic testing gives an in-depth genome profile with information such as family history, current health status, and illness predisposition. The results will provide Dr. Verma with the information needed to create individually-tailored health plants that define further risk factors while intervening for early detection and disease prevention.

Genome testing is completely private

The information provided by NAG is completely confidential. Only you and your doctor will have access to the results. Additionally, patients can specify any information they, themselves, would like masked from the results. Once the genome testing is complete, patients can determine who to share the results with, as well as what cannot be disclosed.

Membership in Dr. Verma’s Exome Genetic Analysis includes full access to NAG’s web-based portal. From the comfort of your own home, explore all aspects of your genomic profile. The innovative program breaks down variants and facts of your profile into easily understood information. Learn the science behind your health, build your family tree, search your DNA heritage, input new medications, symptoms, and illnesses to track health. Better yet, invite friends, family, and doctors to share and explore your genetic testing results.

DNA Sequencing will:

easy and convenient

Whole Exome Genome Testing is completely painless and takes only a few minutes. A sample of saliva is gathered at home, then sent to the NAG lab. A full Exome Genome Testing report will be available to you in approximately four weeks.

Science is changing at an incredible rate, and new information becomes available every day. Once your DNA sample is in the NAG system, we will reanalyze your DNA every two weeks, for as long as your subscription is active.



Genotyping refers to the process of determining genetic makeup by examining an individual’s unique DNA.

A saliva sample will be collected at home. This is then sent to the New Amsterdam Genomics lab for genome sequencing.

Approximately four weeks after a saliva sample is taken, a full genotype report will be available.

There are four different types of genome sequencing. These include Genotyping, Gene Panels Whole Genome Test, and Whole Exome Sequencing.

Dr. Verma uses the NAG Whole Exome genome sequencing process, which is the most effective testing, looking at all of the 22,000 genes in the DNA for the most comprehensive results.

The results from your DNA sample can be useful now, as well as in years to come, as your genetic makeup will always be the same. In the future, however, as cutting-edge science continues to improve, more and more information will be able to be disseminated from your original sample.

New Amsterdam Genotics tests for tens of thousands of medical conditions. These include conditions such as heart arrhythmias, heart disease, stroke, dementia, cancer, mental illness, and neurodegenerative diseases.

The results from NAG genome testing will assist in determining your needs for a healthy lifestyle. Aside from disease risk and prediction, the results can be useful in family planning, as many of the markers will be passed on to future generations.