Synergistiq Wellness


This set of four transitional pics represents a tradition I started 5 years ago.
I was lucky to capture it perfectly.
The tradition started during a very challenging time in my life that I don’t talk much about.
Going through a divorce and losing my father within months of each other was devastating, but I viewed these events as not obstacles, but stepping stones.
As a result, I became stronger and wiser.
As an independent working mother raising three boys, I knew had to be bigger and better.
And with that promise I made to myself, I founded my integrative medical practice.
And that very year I vowed to always be at a beach, anywhere in the world, and write in the sand the year that was finishing and the year that would come.
I would wait as the waves came in and always caught the moment when the year that was finishing washed away.
It is a reminder that tomorrow is always a new day, with brighter beginnings.
And you never look back unless you want to see how far you’ve come.
Be true to yourself.
Then you will find peace and happiness.
Happy New Year to all!
May 2019 be a fantabulous year.
Cheers from Synergistiq.