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I stopped buying juices a long time ago.
I found that the ingredients were deceiving.
And I definitely did not want my three boys drinking it.
After all, I banned sodas and artificially colored drinks, and these so-called juices weren’t any different.
Naked juice recently came under fire for misguiding people that their juices were natural and healthy…when in fact, some of their juices have as much sugar as soda.


I fell in love with whole-juicing…and I have been doing it for over 5 years now.
It is about picking your favorite fruits and veggies, dumping them into a blender like the Blendtec (which I personally own) or a VitaMix or a NutriBullet or Ninja, and pulverizing everything.
Waste not, want not.
Traditional juicers extract the most valuable part of the fruits and veggies.

One of my daily drinks…in moderation…because consumption of
too many fruits can elevate sugar…is a beet juice concoction.

Beets have the most gorgeous magenta hue, and remember I have said, eating the natural colors of the rainbow does your body and mind good!

Beets improve circulation by allowing nitric oxide production, which is a potent vasodilator.
I simmer a small beet or half of a large beet in water until it comes to a boil.
I save the water which I will later use for the liquid base.
I throw in a handful of organic spinach, an organic apple, a handful of organic baby carrots, organic cherries and a variety of berries, some pitaya or dragonfruit, which is now bursting on the scene and surpassing acai.
(Use your discretion with “organics,” and know the “dirty dozen”)
Sometimes I use pineapple or kale or the beetroot leaves.
Sometimes I throw in celery or ginger or guanabana or mango or grapes or frozen coconut.
Again, the key is individual creativity.
I use the water from the simmered beets (or some coconut water) as my liquid base (and you determine the consistency which suits you best).
Then I blend it all.
I can make anywhere from 24 to 32 oz, depending on how many fruits and veggies and how much water I throw in there.
Drink about 6 oz daily, and the rest stays good in the fridge over the next 4 days or so.
And spread the wealth of health.
Share your juice.
People will love it ?
The best thing is, it takes about 5-10 minutes to make from start to finish.
This is what my boys have since named Super Hero Juice.
If you’re a responsible adult, add some gluten-free vodka and get a little wild, as a weekend cocktail, or after work.
If you are a diabetic, talk to your doctor first to make some modifications in the way of fruits.
Remember that you are in charge of what fruits and veggies comprise your juice.
Cheers to simplicity & longevity!