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Next time you want loads of protein and antioxidants and vitamins and minerals but are wary of carbs, expand your horizon with these items.
First off, if you know me, I drink beet-spinach-berry-carrot juice that I make fresh every few days.
I use one whole beet to make a few days worth of my juice.
The list of impressive health benefits of beets is endless.
I picked the “Love Beets” powder up in Costco.
One tbsp equates to three medium beets ? GF and DF and organic.
Powerful source of nitrates to vasodilate (move over Viagra), which improves circulatory blood flow while keeping blood pressure optimal.
Next, you don’t have to give up pasta, just be smart about it.
I have here an array of high protein ones that are chickpea, black bean, edamame.
Over 25 grams of protein per two ounce serving as compared to 13 grams on average pasta.
Fiber is off the charts with low net carbs.
I mean, how do you go wrong?