Synergistiq Wellness


My patients always ask me what I eat since I am always counseling them to eat clean.
This is the first step to addressing medical problems, whether it be gut health, depression, heart disease, cancer, weight issues, diabetes, thyroid, fatigue, eczema, hormones, autoimmune disease, migraines and so much more.

I always preach that food can be your safest form of medicine or slowest form of poison.
When I decide to go to Costco, it’s dangerous.

It’s like walking into Target.

You swear you’re going in for like two things and $200 and a car full of items later, many of which you would never have bought had you not seen it… Anyway, I find the best healthy snacks there.
And every time I go, there are new items to try.

Today, I got Hippeas (vegan cheddar organic chickpea puffs), organic seaweed, veggie pops (dried superfood snack), nuttzo (7 seed & nut butter), organic coconut clusters (with superseeds), ginger kombucha, organic dark chocolate (with blueberries), organic sea salt dried chickpeas, Kind bars, cookie thins, and golden turmeric cereal.

I also stocked up on frozen organic berries, kiwis, avocados, frozen broccoli.

I am definitely set for intermittent fasting and snacking throughout the day, whatever mood I am in!