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Hunger pangs satisfied by Fresh Kitchen (St Pete, FL location)
I love the concept of creativity, crafting your own bowls with several options. Creating your own healthy flavors which is quick, convenient, & fresh.
Since I am plant-based, I did a cauliflower mash with seasoned kale and roasted mushrooms and chia teriyaki tofu and coconut sriracha sauce.
Then washed it down with a fresh matcha/almondmilk/maple/cinnamon/
seasalt drink that hit the sweet spot with < 12g of sugar.
And because I am a super clean, plant-based eater, people often think I don’t satisfy cravings, or am not enjoying what I eat due to the restrictions I impose upon myself.
That couldn’t be farther from the truth.
I am very disciplined, but it suits me and my lifestyle.
I enjoy everything I do, so there are seamless transitions in my life, from professional to personal and beyond.
Here is how I conquer “junk food” cravings… with cookies, pizza and potato chips.
I actually don’t have “cravings” since my health is balanced and optimal, but I am human, so I like to indulge sometimes
in healthier versions of junk food, in moderation.
Hopped over to Trader Joe’s (St Pete) and found some of these items here.
I went to the Tampa store last week and they didn’t have most of these unfortunately.
But we do need a Clearwater Trader Joe’s ?