Synergistiq Wellness


This literally took me 7 minutes to make and I may have eaten it in like 2 minutes.
Plant based, meatless crumbles sauteed in a pan with some avocado oil and coconut oil.
I added some extra spices like cumin and ginger and coriander and cayenne pepper and fresh cracked black pepper and Himalayan salt to taste with fresh garlic and onion (whatever suits your palate).
I then roughly chopped spinach and some fresh avocado and mixed it with lactose-free sour cream.
Sprinkled some non-dairy cheddar.
(You can add salsa or fresh tomatoes and cilantro with lime also).
Wrapped it up in a corn tortilla.
Then enjoyed it to the last bite.
And made some fresh beet, ginger, carrot, spinach, berry juice to wash it down afterwards.
Close to 20 grams of protein in this plant-based meal.
So simple and clean and green and lean….and when I woke up this morning and got my workout in at 6:15am, my body thanked me for it.
I think I have dinner planned for my three boys tonight.