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There is nothing more refreshing than working up a good sweat. The cool perspiration provides a healthy detoxification of the skin and improves physical functioning. However, not everyone has the time, energy, or physical stamina to exercise on a regular basis. Sweat therapy from Synergistiq Wellness utilizes a cutting-edge infrared sauna to provide all of the positive benefits of perspiration without hitting the gym. Even more powerful than a workout, sweat therapy can improve circulation, relax the mind and body, rejuvenate the skin, and promote weight loss. The Relax FIR Energy Sauna at Tampa’s Synergistiq Wellness is a safe and effective tool for introducing sweat therapy into your busy lifestyle.

Sweat Therapy

For thousands of years, saunas have been used to promote health and relax the body by drawing out perspiration. Hot saunas have long provided a comforting and healing place, nourishing the body and organs. Here, anyone can build up a sweat, achieving the same benefits of perspiration that come with exercise, yet without causing trauma to the body.

Benefits of Sweat Therapy

Sweat Therapy with Relaxing FIR Energy Sauna

Unlike the steam or dry heat saunas located in homes, gyms, and spas, the Relax Far Infrared (FIR) Energy Sauna takes its warmth from infrared energy. While traditional sauna’s can reach up to 200ºF, the heat in an infrared sauna remains at a more comfortable and gentle 100º-150ºF. The Relax FIR Energy Sauna utilizes ceramic semi-conductor technology, producing its heat through a safe 4-14 microns of evenly dispersed energy.

The patented Relax FIR Energy Sauna warms the air around your body, constantly moving using a whirlwind FIR energy fan. Instead of being aimed directly at your skin, the steady swirl of warm infrared heat permeates the tissues, detoxifying the body and stimulating blood flow. Simply sit in the sauna chamber and let the infrared energy do the work. The benefits of the FIR Energy Sauna mirrors those of a cardiovascular workout without the discomfort. Each session will leave you feeling energized, yet calm, relaxed, and nourished.

The infrared energy increases the body’s absorption of water and proteins, which are then absorbed by the cells and distributed deeper into the internal organs. As blood vessels dilate, the pores open, detoxifying the skin. Cells receive the vital nourishment they need, enhancing the skin’s elasticity, creating a smooth, glowing appearance. Skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and cuts can dramatically improve. As unwanted debris is eliminated from the body, pockets of cellulite can diminish. Best of all, with the Relax FIR Energy Sauna, the body sweats without producing lactic acid, which is known to causes sore and tired muscles. A sweat therapy session at Synergistiq Wellness takes only 15 minutes and can be safely repeated several times a day.

Dr. Verma is a double board certified integrative medicine specialist. As a physician, teacher and accomplished author, Dr. Verma draws from her Eastern Indian heritage to help her clients achieve overall health through easily accessible lifestyle changes.

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Sweat therapy is a unique method for improving overall health and wellbeing using the Relax FIR Energy Sauna. Using infrared ray energy, the circulating warmth will cause the body to perspire without the risk for burns or harmful side-effects. A single session can boost metabolism and circulation, kick-starting the body’s vital cellular renewal process. As the cells get the oxygen they need to function properly, the body becomes better at eliminating damaging toxins, thus reducing stress on the kidney’s and other organs.

Patients can get the full benefit from sweat therapy in a 15-minute session. Before work, a sweat therapy session can provide an energy boost similar to a jog. After work, sweat therapy can be the perfect method to relax and de-stress, almost like a hot bath.

Sweat therapy at Synergistiq Wellness will cost $35-$50 per session. Together with Dr. Verma, a personalized treatment plan can be designed for your individual needs. At this time, we will assist in determining the upcoming cost of therapy.

Synergistiq Wellness FIR Energy Sauna is considered extremely safe for almost everyone. While there is no chance for burns or serious side-effects, in rare instances minor complications can occur. These include dehydration, interference with certain medications, or aggravation of injury inflammation. Dr. Verma will perform a complex medical history prior to recommending sweat therapy sessions, determining if the technique will be safe for your needs.