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The Dr Verma Way
I was planning to make a quick getaway to Asheville this Labor Day weekend, one of my two fave places (other is Las Terrenas, DR), however, work trumps play sometimes, and work has been so busy.

Soooo, I decided to celebrate the long weekend early by doing my own healthy version of a cookout.

I grilled up The Beyond Meat Burger. Topped it with vegenaise, organic ketchup, sweet onion, and spinach (in lieu of lettuce since spinach is a gazillion times more nutritious). Washed it down with ginger kombucha and finished with Daiya NY style cheesecake (GF, DF, soy-free).

And, omg, for those who are hesitant to try plant-based foods because they think it’ll suck and taste like cardboard, then you ain’t tried nothing like this yet. We have come a long way in the plant-based movement. And take it from someone who’s been plant-based for like ever, before people even knew what plant-based was.

It’s legit and tasty and SO good for you, mentally and physically.