Synergistiq Wellness


So, this is my afterglow post-microneedling.
I didn’t do the vampire facial, but used stem cell factors.
To be honest, this is the most I have ever done to myself, my skin.
Because people aren’t sure of my age, my secret to them is “less is more.”
All my life, that was my rule.
I only wear lipstick and eyeliner with a touch of eyeshadow.
Accentuating the eyes and lips is key for my face.
I have never had any cosmetic procedures.
My lips are real.
I never had fake eyelashes or hair extensions.
I don’t tweeze my eyebrows.
I don’t ever use mascara.
I wash my hair once a week.
I don’t dye my hair (yet).
I have had one professional haircut in my life at age 8 and it was terrible.
Never had a mani/pedi or fake nails.
So yes, less IS more.
Eat clean, sleep well, exercise, meditate, and be happy.
That’ll keep you youthful.
Be healthy.
Be happy.
Be awesome.