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 Life is a beachDid you know walking barefoot in the sand has numerous mental and physical health benefits?
It is like free therapy, comforting and relaxing to the mind.
It requires more energy to walk in sand, especially wet sand, so this is great exercise for bones and joints and muscles and burning more calories.
It is a natural exfoliant and keeps skin smooth and soft.
Your feet will love it.
Think about how the sand and the salt works with the skin. And inhaling the salt air helps calm you down and provides wonderful sleep.
Walking on sand is a grounding and earthing experience, meaning the good magnoelectric energy is absorbed through the feet into the body and realigns you.
Last but not least, you get a vitamin and mineral boost.
Not only is vitamin D plentiful, but the sand and ocean water are abundant in magnesium and iodine and potassium, to name a few.
I have listed a few amazing benefits… and if you have ever walked on a beach, you know how amazing it makes you feel. Doctor’s orders ⚕️ ☀️