Synergistiq Wellness


I was looking through some old pics and came across one that was over two decades old.
And I compared it to one that was recently taken.
I have always tried to stay simple, wearing very little makeup and using the least amount of toxic topical products.
In conjunction with following a clean, plant-based diet, it is absolutely possible to optimally and gracefully age.
I use coconut and neem and castor and avocado oils for my skin and hair.
And because I suffer from rosacea which was always distressing as I looked like I was perpetually blushing, I did elimination diets and examined what chemicals I was exposed to. I researched for endless hours what I could use for my extra sensitive skin. There were times I felt helpless because I thought I was doing everything right.
I found Aztec Indian clay and The Ordinary granactive recently and love these products.
In addition to avoiding chemical cleansers and makeup (besides eyeliner and lipstick which I have always done), I found a beauty regimen I am comfortable with and that my skin loves and that takes under 5 min… and especially because it takes me a total of 10 min to get ready for the day.
It barely costs anything.
You don’t have to break the bank trying to maintain youth.
Eat right, sleep well, meditate, use safe products, be grateful and happy.
I have to say that I will not miss that thin eyebrow trend back in the day. ?