Synergistiq Wellness


Made a sweet and simple dessert tonight.
Total time = 3 minutes.
I call it banana faux-cream.
It literally tastes like an ice-cream.
I froze two bananas ? this morning.
After a yummy, healthy dinner,
(which I will post at a later time)…
I took the bananas out of the freezer, dumped it in my Blend-Tec blender
(any blender will suffice), added just under a tablespoon of organic honey ? (depends on your sweetness level).
This is completely optional, but I added two tablespoons of coconut milk and a tablespoon of So Delicious coco whip.
Blended it all together into a creamy frozen concoction, and voila.
You can add some chocolate chips
(non-dairy/gluten-free ones work) and I tell you, it’s incredible.
2 ? make 2 servings.
And you know what?
You can make it into a guiltless,
low-calorie banana daiquiri.
Just add rum (adults only).
Be healthy. Be happy. Be awesome.