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Dr. Verma, MD practices at Synergistiq Wellness center in Clearwater/Tampa Bay, Florida, where she will meet with current patients who are diagnosed with a qualifying condition or disease to discuss the use of medical marijuana under Florida regulations. She is also accepting new patients with debilitating conditions who desire a consultation and possible recommendation for Florida’s newly regulated marijuana treatment.

Dr. Verma recognizes that good medicine should be based on real science and inquiry while remaining open to new paradigms. The use of medicinal marijuana will require a paradigm shift for many, and she is ready to help you make that transition as you utilize marijuana for natural and useful health benefits. Dr. Verma’s stance on integrative medicine is to neither reject conventional medicine nor to accept alternative medications uncritically. She is prepared, ready and willing to take this new journey with you towards holistic wellness with the use of either low-THC marijuana or medical marijuana.

Qualifications for Physician’s Certification

To receive a marijuana physician’s certification from Dr. Deepa Verma for low THC or medical marijuana you must meet these qualifications:

The Difference: Low THC Marijuana and Medical Marijuana

Dr. Deepa Verma is certified and licensed in Florida to prescribe both medical and low-THC marijuana to medically qualifying patients, and she will help you to choose the right marijuana for your needs. The differences between the two marijuana are below. At your consultation with Dr. Deepa Verma, you will learn more about the unique benefits that marijuana can play in your health and whether medical marijuana or Low-THC marijuana will be most beneficial for you.

Marijuana is an herbal plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for ages. Both low-THC marijuana and medical marijuana are derived from the same plant. Low-THC contains tiny amounts of the tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), which is a psychoactive component that produces a high euphoric experience. Low-THC marijuana does not typically create this psychoactive response, while medical marijuana contains THC and does create a euphoric high. Both carry health benefits recognized in medical research.

Cost of Medical Marijuana Assessment, Treatment and Ongoing Care

Fees for incoming patients who wish to establish care with Dr. Verma for medical marijuana are affordable and will be discussed in your consult.

Floridian Low-THC Marijuana Grading Qualifications

The flowers, seeds, resin, and all other components derived from the marijuana plant must meet strict qualifications to meet the low-THC marijuana rating. Weight for weight, all components must contain 0.8 percent or less of THC, and they must hold more than 10 percent of cannabidiol (CBD)to qualify as low-THC marijuana.

Floridian Medical Marijuana Grading Qualifications

In Florida, medical marijuana is distinguished from low-THC marijuana and contains significant amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the psychosomatic component within marijuana that creates euphoric sensations.

Medical marijuana is an umbrella definition that includes all parts of the marijuana plant, including the seeds and any resin extractions from the plant, as well as every compound, mixture, derivative and preparation of the plant, seeds or resin.

Florida law includes that it is the responsibility of the qualified ordering physician to strictly follow Florida’s constitution and statutes as they diagnose their patients and determine if medical or low-THC marijuana is an appropriate treatment based on the diagnosis and the patient’s ongoing, problematic symptoms.

Qualifying Conditions


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What to Expect During Your Visit

At your certification consultation, Dr. Verma will discuss your qualifications for treatment in the Florida regulated medical marijuana program. By law, Dr. Verma must only discuss your potential eligibility for the regulated program. Dr. Verma will review your medical history, including all prior medical reports at Synergistiq Integrative Health or that you provide from other facilities, and she will examine you to determine if you meet the Florida requirements for the marijuana program.

If Dr. Verma determines that you qualify for low-THC marijuana or medical marijuana treatment, she will create an initial treatment plan with ongoing care and visits that allow you to apply to the state of Florida for a Medical Marijuana Identification Card. To receive a Physician Certification Form, you must present current, valid Florida identification, such as a Florida State issued ID or a Florida driver’s license and payment. Please note, medical marijuana consultations and the application fee are not covered by health insurance.



Qualified patients must first seek treatment from a Dr. Deepa Verma, or another qualified physician, for three months or more immediately before your order of low-THC or medical marijuana. When Dr. Verma determines you are eligible for the Florida marijuana program, she will present you with an approved physician certification form. She will also input your information and the order information into the Compassionate Use Patient Registry. You or your legal caregiver or representative may then contact one of the Florida dispensing organizations to complete the order.

No. Medical health insurance will not pay for your marijuana order.

Marijuana dispensaries can only provide a marijuana delivery system, low-THC marijuana or medical marijuana to a qualified patient or their legal representative.

The legal representative is the patient’s parent or a legal guardian who is acting according to a court authorization under section 744.3215(4). A qualified patient’s legal representative, according to Florida statutes, may also be a health care surrogate who is acting according to the qualified patient’s written consent or a court’s authorization under section 765.113. Individuals acting upon a power of attorney may make healthcare decisions on behalf of the qualified patient and may order and pick up marijuana for the qualified patient.

Qualifying physicians may order a 45-day supply and a marijuana delivery device for the medical use of either low-THC marijuana or medical marijuana.

It is your responsibility to have your medical records sent in full to Dr. Verma for review before your medical marijuana appointment. You can mail your medical records to Dr. Verma at Synergistiq Integrative Health 3165 N. MCMULLEN BOOTH ROAD SUITE D-2, CLEARWATER, FL, 33761.

Medical marijuana certifications are valid for one year after the medical marijuana registration is approved. Dr. Verma recommends that you make an appointment well before the expiration date for re-evaluation and to obtain a renewal of your medical marijuana physician certification.

No. Insurance companies are currently not covering the cost of the certification process, doctor consultation or the application for medical marijuana or Low-THC use. Dr. Verma offers affordable prices for the initial visit, follow-up and on-going care.