Synergistiq Wellness


Ooops, I did it again. Went to Costco for 2 things and walked out with 20. But found these yummies for my tummy. Those are not just any kiwis, those are the Sungold species, and omg, they taste like candy. The Lära Bars are only 4 ingredients and GF and DF and vegan.

The purée drinks are amazing. Makes you feel like you are having baby food, but the ingredients are awesome. Great snack. Flavors are apple-guava-kale-strawberry-parsley-chia and the other is banana-carrot-mango-orange-wheatgrass-turmeric-chia. And the coconut rolls are made with coconut milk and roasted black sesame seeds and I actually crumble it up and soak it in non-dairy milk and eat it like cereal.