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Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is becoming a popular trend, thought to bring improved health by better metabolizing nutrients and helping the body to expel toxins. However, with so much hype online, television, and in magazines, it can feel difficult to separate the facts about alkaline water from the fiction. Synergistiq Health can help by offering the details of what researchers understand about alkaline water.

The Basics of Drinking Water

Everyone is aware that water intake is a big deal. The human body is largely composed of water, so staying hydrated plays a vital role in digestion, skin health, and overall body function. Some doctors recommend eight glasses of water a day. However, as the world deals with expanding population growth, and subsequent pollution, many people begin to question the quality of our water sources. While tap water in the United States is considered safe, the bottled water market is booming.

Alkaline water, either naturally occurring or processed, is a less acidic option to tap water. The acidity of a solution is noted by the pH level. Pure water comes in with a pH of 7, with alkaline water falling between 7 – 9.5. With a higher pH level, alkaline water is full of alkalizing compounds, which may include things such as silica, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Although tap water is filled with a variety of elements, the pH level decreases the number of alkalizing agents, taking away the health benefits.

How pH Levels Affect the Health

Many researchers theorize that the Standard American Diet (SAD) leads to chronic, low-grade acidosis.

Inflammation, chronic disease and cancer thrive in acidity. This is not surprising, considering the poor diet of many Americans, often composed of processed, fast food. Low-grade acidosis can create a variety of health and hormonal problems, including bone loss and metabolism issues. Symptoms of acidosis can manifest as diarrhea, anxiety, poor immune function, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Doctors often suggest that the body needs to remain at a 7.4 pH level for optimal health. Each organ system is responsible for keeping its own, unique range of pH; and the body will work hard to keep these levels in check. Unfortunately, when the acidity in one area is out of range, this may mean pulling nutrients from the bones or blood for proper function.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Although the benefits of alkaline water are still being studied, researchers know that pH levels are very important to physical health. While more research is needed to confirm the full value of alkaline water, the potential benefits are extensive:

  • Hydration: Alkaline water allows proper balance of ions and minerals and improves kidney function.
  • Exercise: Exercise causes the muscles to increase their hydrogen ion production, eventually causing fatigue. Alkaline water is thought to enhance the body’s ability to buffer acidity, improving performance and slowing body fatigue.
  • Toxins: While tap water is disinfected, to protect us from bacteria and toxins, these disinfectants can cause by-products (DBPs). Alkaline water can breakdown some DBPs, potentially decreasing the long-term dangers. It can also draw out certain toxins in the body, that build up from pharmaceuticals and the environment.
  • Gut Health: Alkaline water may provide additional disinfectant properties to the gut, helping the body fight off dangerous microorganisms that can accumulate in the stomach and intestines.
  • Glycation: This is a natural reaction, occurring as simple sugar molecules, like fructose or glucose, attach to proteins or lipid fats in the body. This process creates rogue molecules to form, (advanced glycation end products or AGEs), which are associated with chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Alkaline water has shown to lower glycation levels, which are shown to reduce liver damage and positively affect blood sugar and insulin levels.
  • Other health benefits Numerous studies have shown alkaline water may lower cholesterol, blood glucose, blood pressure, acid reflux, and dementia

Reaching Optimal Health with Synergistiq Health

The best way to determine just how valuable alkaline water can be for you will be through the help of an integrative medicine specialist. Dr. Verma has extensive experience in integrative health, and holds a deep understanding of proper organ system function. By carefully examining your medical background and lifestyle, Dr. Verma can create an individualized, preventive treatment plan, based around your unique needs.

Take the first step towards a healthier and happier you. Get more information on alkaline water by contacting Tampa’s Synergistiq Health. Call the office at 727.754.2936 or fill out the easy, online Contact Us form, to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Verma.

FAQ’s About Alkaline Water


    A: Researchers are still studying the health aspects of alkaline water, however there are several exciting benefits of this higher pH water alternative. These include improved gut health, better elimination of toxins, increased hydration, extended physical performance, and a reduction in acid reflux.

    A: Talk to Dr Verma about the Life Ionizer. If you think this is a good fit for you and your lifestyle, you are entitled to a special discount.

    A: The safest way to find out if alkaline water can be a health benefit is through a personalized consultation with an integrative medicine specialist, such as Synergistiq Health’s Dr. Deepa Verma. Schedule your consultation by calling Synergistiq Health at 727.754.2936.

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