Weight loss isn’t about being skinny. It isn’t about trying to fit into a certain size of clothing. It isn’t about looking like a super-model or fitness model. It is about being healthy and optimizing your wellness. Everybody has a different body shape and structure and build. Everybody has a different target weight they would like to achieve. If you feel as though you cannot lose weight despite exercise and diet, then you are missing something.

Weight Loss

Weight loss isn’t about being skinny. It isn’t about trying to fit into a certain size of clothing. It isn’t about looking like a super-model or fitness model. It is about being healthy and optimizing your wellness. Everybody has a different body shape and structure and build. Everybody has a different target weight they would like to achieve. If you feel as though you cannot lose weight despite exercise and diet, then you are missing something.

Weight Loss and Healthy Weight
In Tampa, FL

There are several other factors that play into weight loss. These factors include normalizing brain neurotransmitters, restoring youthful hormonal balance, increasing physical activity, improving insulin sensitivity, detoxifying the liver and gut, investigating food allergies/sensitivities/intolerance, and adopting long-term healthy eating plans. There are many potential causes that can lead to weight gain which include stress, endocrine or metabolic disorders, lack of sleep and nutrient imbalances, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The most well known, but often misunderstood theory, includes an imbalance in the amount of healthy calories in your diet. Not all calories are created equally and a simple reduction in calories does not always lead to healthy and permanent weight loss.

Stop wasting your time and money on countless diets and fads and pills. Let Synergistiq Integrative Health help you get on the road to a better you. Consult with the doctor and/or nutritionist. Get tested. Discuss supplements and therapies. Try the InBody scan and CVAC pod. Embrace your body and start your journey on the road to better health. Stop wishing for it to happen. Start making it happen. You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep rereading the last one. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. Synergistiq Integrative Health will help you on that journey.

Achieve Your Healthy Weight with Synergistic Health

Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is never an easy task. Over the years, a variety of challenges can arise that make adding weight far too easy. Unfortunately, losing the same weight can then seem next to impossible. Fad diets and popular weight loss programs can prove to be overwhelming, as they rarely provide the promised, long-lasting results. Luckily, the integrative medicine professionals at Synergistiq Health are available to bring clients an innovative approach to weight and overall health. Dr. Deepa Verma is here to help patients tackle the nutritional, physical, and emotional issues that keep a proper weight – and overall good health – at bay.

The Importance of a Personalized Nutritional Plan

The food we eat is without question the most essential factor in maintaining a healthy weight. Food is the safest form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. One must remember that when eating, they are either feeding disease or fighting it. A busy lifestyle can lead to sporadic eating habits and poor nutritional choices, making the idea of maintaining a healthy, proportionate weight difficult. High fat and process foods are often within easy reach, while fresh vegetables are left off fast food menus.

Making a nutritional balance even harder to achieve, the standard American diet is one of the poorest diets in the world, full of processed foods that are synthetic and toxic. America is overfed and undernourished. Foods are calorically dense, not nutritionally dense.

Choosing the correct food is only half of the weight loss battle. Each individual is biochemically unique, meaning that no one diet plan works for everyone. Genetics play a big role in weight issues. Dr. Verma offers unique genetic testing to help one create a healthy diet and understand macro-nutrient proportions. Often, people will see a friend or family member succeed with a certain diet, but will feel like a failure when the same plan does not mean their own weight loss. There are no “cookie-cutter” diets. Finding the right nutritional balance will vary according to genetics, metabolism rate, and daily routine.

Dietary Allergans – A Hidden Cause of Weight Gain

Although some allergens can be easily pinpointed with noticeable issues, such as swelling or a rash, some the symptoms may be harder to recognize. Dietary allergens can cause a variety of issues that include inflammation, water retention, bloating, swelling of the extremities and face,chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The body’s hormonal balance can shift, and metabolism can slow down, as the body struggles to fight off allergens. Without knowing it, dietary allergens can be responsible for a plethora of health conditions, including increased body weight that is difficult to lose.

Foods that can trigger a dietary allergy can include:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Soy
  • Gluten and wheat
  • Fish

Tips to Get You Started

  1. Aim to consume up to 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily, relatively uncooked…eat a “rainbow” of fruits and vegetables to get a large variety of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants.
  2. Eating/snacking every few hours throughout the day may seem counter-intuitive, as eating less will lead to your body using its reserves of energy, but you do still need food. Avoiding and skipping meals will affect your metabolism, slowing it down and making it more difficult for you to lose weight. If you are hungry most of the time, you will also choose less healthy options when you do eat. Small, frequent meals allow you to maintain a higher metabolic rate, burning off calories and reducing levels of fat. And don’t go grocery shopping on an empty stomach.
  3. Don’t cut out any food groups. Unless there is a medical reason and you have been advised to do this by your doctor, this should not be done. This will not be sustainable on a long term basis and, like skipping meals, will slow down your metabolism. Your body will think that you are starving, and try to reserve as much of your food intake as possible, by converting it to fat. When you do reintroduce the food group (carbs, for example), you will experience weight gain. Cut down on the offending types of food such as fast foods, processed foods, sugar, refined carbs, sodas, juices.
  4. Eat from a smaller plate. While large dinner plates look great on your table, research has consistently shown that people eat more as a result. It is thought that this is because we feel the urge to fill the plate, rather than just taking what we require. A smaller plate looks full much sooner, so you will eat less overall, if you do this at every meal. Cutting down portion size is crucial. American culture encourages “supersizing”, and that is not right. Your stomach should contain 50% food, 25% liquid and be 25% empty after a meal. You should never be satiated to a point where you feel uncomfortable and have to loosen your belt or unbutton your pants.
  5. Breakfast is the single most important meal of the day. We are not talking about coffee and donuts and pastries. A nutritious breakfast such as oatmeal, peanut butter and toast, a fruit smoothie, eggs, nuts…this is what will jump start your day. It is known that children who skip breakfast or have high sugar breakfasts tend not to do well in school and have behavioral and focus problems. The same goes for adults. Breakfast is the necessary fuel to start your day after a long period of slumber.
  6. Boost your intake of protein. Salads are usually the most popular choice of lunch for people on a diet, but it can lead to hunger setting in during the afternoon. Adding protein and a light salad dressing will help to satisfy your hunger more effectively, without increasing the calories too much. Grilled chicken breast is an excellent addition to a leafy green salad, or you could choose salmon instead, which also contains healthy omega 3 fatty acids, which are considered to be one of the healthy fats.
  7. Don’t try every new diet fad that comes out. Investigate why you are unable to lose weight despite diet and exercise. Please consult your doctor and/or nutritionist to start the work up. This will change your life.

Physical And Psychological Factors in Weight Management

Along with a proper diet, a consistent exercise routine is vital to a healthy weight. As no two people are alike, finding an individualized exercise program is essential for long-term results. Combining strength training to build muscle mass along with cardio exercise will increase metabolic rate, affecting the way calories are processed and burned. Consistent exercise, three or more days a week, will improve the cardiovascular and respiratory system, as well increase mental well-being. Exercise is the most under-utilized antidepressant. It naturally releases “happy” hormones and endorphins while reducing stress and improving sleep. It is common during times of stress to reach for unhealthy food options. While some mask emotions with food, others may find eating during difficult times a burden. No matter the situation, freeing diet from emotion is key to overall health.

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While losing weight often the primary motivation for dietary changes, overall health is of primary importance. With an emphasis on general well-being will come satisfying, long-term, sustainable weight loss. Getting started towards weight management includes assessing current health, dietary allergies, food sensitives, metabolic rate, and genetic history. By creating a personalized nutrition plan, clients can achieve a higher level of energy, an improved overall sense of well-being, fewer food cravings, and better general health.

The road to a healthy, proportionate body weight takes a lifetime. Find the information and support you need to control your weight with Dr. Deepa Verma and Synergistiq Health in Tampa. Dr. Verma is an integrative medicine specialist experienced in helping clients achieve overall health through easily accessible lifestyle changes. Call Synergistic Health at (727) 754-2936, or fill out our online Contact Us form, to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Verma today.

Weight Loss Protocal

  • All natural weight loss.
  • The way it should be.
  • Sustainable. Attainable.
  • No synthetic products or artificial methods used.
  • The weight loss protocol will include visits with the MD, nutritional counseling, personalized labs and individualized treatment plan options.
  • Drs Verma and Sharma are invested in being there through the weight loss journey.
  • Motivation is what gets you started.
  • Habit is what keeps you going.
  • What you eat in private is what you eventually wear in public.
  • Eat clean, look lean.
  • Be the best version of you.
  • Don’t settle for anything less.
  • Drs Verma and Sharma will teach you the proper way to be healthy, be happy and be awesome.
  • Call today to get started.
  • Why wait?
  • Your health is an investment, not an expense.

Healthy Weight FAQ


A balance of nutrition, exercise, and psychological well-being are vital for maintaining a healthy body weight. Dr. Verma and the staff at Synergistiq Health will use these three key components to create a personalized lifestyle plan for achieving proportionate weight loss, customized to your individual needs.


Food allergies and dietary irritants can trigger a variety of seemingly unrelated physical symptoms, including headaches, joint pain, inflammation, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and weight gain. Determining dietary allergens is one part of maintaining an ideal body weight and long-term health.


Functional or integrative medicine is an innovative theory that focuses on overall health, instead of the traditional disease-centered practice followed by many doctors. Integrative medicine practitioners spend additional time to get to know their patients, pinpointing genetic and lifestyle issues that can be addressed to improve long-term health and vitality.


A variety of health issues can be resolved through a healthy diet, proper lifestyle changes, and stress reduction methods. Integrative medicine will address the individual’s overall well-being, working to reduce dietary allergens, maintain a healthy weight, and find a proper exercise routine for long-term health without prescription medications or surgery. Natural supplements and nutraceuticals are utilized which allows for realistic, healthy and sustainable weight loss over time.


Taking control of your body weight is not about dress size. A proper diet, suited to your activity level and lifestyle, can improve overall health, ultimately dropping unwanted pounds and creating a better body composition. At Synergistic Health, we focus on the body and mind, creating a lifestyle change that improves quality of life, as well as reduces weight. Dr Verma designs the perfect weight loss plan for you while listening to your needs.