a heart-warming storyThis is a heart-warming story in progress… you may want to secure some Kleenex.
This beautiful patient (center) came to see me 06.20.18.
She had just been diagnosed with a large cervical/uterine tumor a week prior and didn’t want surgery or chemo or radiation at that point given her frailty and age.
She came in on a wheelchair, almost in a zombie state, devoid of energy.
Her daughters and husband stated she slept all day, couldn’t get up to interact with family or do the things she loved, like gardening.
I couldn’t even do a consult with her because she was so fatigued, so her daughter sat in and gave me her whole history.
I ordered labs, counseled them as usual re: plant-based diet and anti-inflammatory regimens and therapies, even suggesting cannabis.
Before they wheeled her out, I suggested giving the PEMF mat a try.
The next day, the daughter stated her mom sat up, played solitaire, had come alive.
She has come in every single day for the past 6 weeks, with her husband by her side, and is now walking unassisted.
She is gardening now. The best part?
I referred her to oncology for a check-up, and she was told her tumor shrunk from about 10cm to 6cm.
I couldn’t believe it. No one could.
I want to thank Jasmine, my medical receptionist, for being there daily for this patient’s care, when I was out of the office for a few weeks.
She spoke with them daily, ran the PEMF sessions, provided comfort, and continues to do so.
Onward and upward!

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