Synergistiq Wellness


This is also a body who has been through pregnancies and natural births and breastfeeding.

This is the body of a woman, a mother, a physician who works 24/7/365.

I always had an innate sense of respecting my body from the inside out.
As I strive to gracefully age, I realize the importance of working from the inside out more so.

I believe in clean eating, exercise, proper sleep and stress reduction.
These are what I call the four pillars of lifestyle.

It is the synergy and harmony of

It is understanding how to delicately balance lifestyle factors to optimally age and heal and improve longevity with quality.

Throughout my perpetual wellness evolution & journey, I learn every day.

I have learned I don’t need a gym to exercise, especially when I travel or want to save time when I am at home.

I use yoga and resistance bands and body weight exercises.

I have learned based on my Ayurvedic doshas what foods are best suited for me, what environmental factors work in my favor, how sleep affects my cellular aging, and how powerful meditation and awareness can be.

Many people think I look a decade younger than I am, and I know age is only a number.
But on the inside, we are biologically aging, and my goal is to slow that down and preserve youthfulness at the cellular levels.

In my practice, I employ various methods to detox and optimally age.

The PEMF mat and CVAC pod and infrared sauna and IV therapies and in-depth lab testing are all pieces of a large puzzle.

Having recently introduced aesthetics, I do also understand the desire for people to have instant gratification, and that is perfectly fine as long as one realizes the need to maintain from within, so it reflects outwardly.

Take control of your health destiny.

Be healthy. Be happy. Be awesome.

Create a healthier and happier version of your existence.