Synergistiq Wellness


here is my green smoothie deliciousness that I have been doing for over 5 years, every single morning, even when I travel.

This has the most complete nutrient, protein, calcium, mineral, vitamin, antioxidant profile.
You can live and survive on this.
In fact, I put my patients on a two week detox meal replacement using these, and they love it.
It teaches them to eat clean with the added bonus of detox and weight loss.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, fuel for the brain and body.
I choose to intermittent fast 6-8 hours during the day a few times weekly, then eat a clean, light dinner with dessert.
I always use banana and spinach as my base.
I throw avocado in there if I have it around.
I use chia and flax and hemp, then my physician-regulated pea protein powder and non-dairy milk.
Today I had on hand the Bolthouse Farms variety.
Throw it in a magic or nutri bullet and voila.
This is my post-workout fuel as well which sets the tone for my day.
Never had a cup of coffee in my life.
Never felt sluggish or acidic in the morning.
Happy Sunday funday!