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Here’s another goody I have to share. Yesterday I talked about the CVAC pod.
Earlier I talked about the FIR infrared sauna.
Now I am going to talk about the PEMF mat.
This is “pulsed electromagnetic fields.”
The body (whether human or animal) stays alive and thrives on electromagnetic exchanges that are perpetually occurring at the cellular levels.
Earth is one big magnetic pole.
NASA conducted a study on astronauts and noted that when they got farther away from Earth, they started to develop disease processes such as bone loss, weak vision, inflammation, loss of muscle mass etc. Our cells in the body maintain a voltage across their membranes, similar to batteries.
Each cell is designed to have a positive charge on the outside and a negative charge on the inside.
Cells will power down due to the aging process, stress unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, toxic environment, etc.
The higher the voltage in the cell, the less chance for inflammation to occur. When cells have a lower voltage, they’re more susceptible to inflammation, cancer, chronic disease. Direct correlation has been noted in studies.
Cancer and chronic disease cannot thrive in alkalinity and a highly charged environment.
Logically, you have never heard of cardiac cancer, right?
This is because this organ is the most highly charged in the body, and that is why we deliver electric shock to bring it back to life in cardiac arrest.
PEMF may along with a healthy lifestyle and in conjunction with infrared sauna and/or CVAC pod can work wonders.
Yesterday I had an elderly female come in with a recent diagnosis of cervical and uterine cancer.
Her daughter stated that she has been very weak and cannot even sit up.
She did the PEMF mat for 20 minutes at a high intensity.
The daughter called a day later and stated that her mother became more alert, was able to sit up and played cards and had more energy.
She came back today for more, and will be doing it every day for the next month.
I felt so happy when I heard this, because when you get testimonials like this from patients, you know that what you are doing is truly working, and that your patients believe and trust in you.
After I did PEMF today… I felt amazing and realized that what I had on my wall was everything we need to believe in.