Synergistiq Wellness


Prep time under 15 minutes.
Meatless plant-based crumbles sautéed in avocado oil with half chopped onion, three chopped garlic cloves.
I then added some dried spices.
I don’t measure, I just sprinkle in:
onion and garlic powders, basil, oregano, cumin, crushed red pepper and nutritional yeast.
(black pepper & himalayan salt optional)
Next I added 3 tbsp of tomato paste and a tbsp of bbq sauce.
I then added in a handful of fresh spinach and sautéed over low heat for a few more minutes.
I put it on a corn tortilla with some non-dairy sour cream and home-made fresh guacamole and sea salt-lime tortilla chips on the side.
You can add salsa and cheese (non-dairy or dairy).
It’s about what you like, while keeping it healthy.
When eating, remember that the food you eat is either preventing disease or creating disease.
When you add fresh plant-based ingredients, and herbs and spices, you’re boosting immunity, creating anti-inflammation, maintaining the weight you want, all while satisfying your taste buds with nutritionally dense, not calorically dense foods.
Creativity in the kitchen is endless.
Have fun when cooking…you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen.
I create all my meals and snacks in 15-30 min, that’s my rule, because life gets busy.
The outcome should be delish and super healthy meals.