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Your Current Body State is More Kapha

Your result is leaning towards Kapha the element of Earth more than it is toward the other elements. You could be a close mix of Kapha and another element although the result doesn’t show that at this moment.

Kapha is the strongest and heaviest of the elements. It helps the body stay strong with the right amount of healthy fat. This element helps to build bone and muscle, giving the body mass.

If you are feeling light and agile then your Kapha is within the natural range for your body.

If you are feeling heavy, have more mucous, are sleeping a lot and tend to get more health issues in your chest, throat and head then your Kapha is more elevated and needs reducing.

How much it needs balancing by depends on your body size, health issues and lifestyle.

Starting to reduce Kapha forming foods such as cheese, meat, sodas as well as meals with pasta, creamy sauces or starchy potatoes will start the balancing process.

If you have an ailment rooted in the Kapha element such as bronchitis, ear infection or sore throat then you will need to take other precautions and practice fasting, cleansing the intestines and drinking of herbal formulas such as Licorice.

There is so much more to this healing and balancing process which needs much more information from you.