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Your Current Body State is More Pitta

It seems your elemental balance is veering towards Pitta the fire element more. You could have another element of Kapha or Vata in close range but it isn’t showing up in this result.

Pitta is the element of fire which is heating and transforming in the body. It is the element that gives us energy to sustain tasks and sustain our endurance.

When in balance it creates heat that is warm and lasting with an energy level that is constant. This is when you know your element of fire is correct for your body size and shape.

If your Pitta is out of balance you will feel symptoms of being overly hot, agitated, have skin rashes or feel acidic.

To balance your Pitta which is only a little out of its normal range you will need to reduce hot spicy foods, over eating, drinking excess coffee or black teas.

Drinking herbals teas of rose and peppermint will help to cool down the system.

If you have ailments like stomach ulcers or gastritis then you will need to take more drastic measure to change your lifestyle and habits that are giving you these issues.