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Your Current Body State is More Vata

Your result is of Vata, the element of air. This means you are a little or a lot more dominant in the energy of air in your body. You could very well have a secondary element of Pitta or Kapha which is close to equal amounts to your Vata, but it is not showing in this result which is focused on balancing the energy of air.

Vata or air is the lightest of all the three doshas and it helps to move everything in the body. Without the help of air nothing can have motion.

If your Vata is in balance you will be feeling energetic and eager to do things. You will be moving about in your daily routine but not burning out.

When Vata is elevated to an unhealthy level you start to suffer from dry skin and scalp, you get dry eyes and constipation.

To combat Vata which is a little out of control you can start to balance it by adding healthy fat like ghee or flaxseed oil into the diet. You can eat fresh vegetables with raw nuts.

If you have a very excessive amount of the air element in your system then you will suffer from deeper issues such as arthritis, intestinal problems and sleeplessness. These issues will need much more attention to your lifestyle and you will need the help of herbs and treatments to overcome long term suffering.

I would suggest you do this quiz once a month to make sure you are in balance or if your dominant element has shifter. This can happen as you change your lifestyle, work and family routine.