Thank you for always being so supportive and helpful. You’re so kind and patient, thank you for everything.
One thing I forgot to show you where the spots in my eyes where vessels have burst - in both eyes. I went to get the blood work last week.
Hope your weekend was not all work, and that you did get some time for rest and fun. 😊 You’re one of my favorite people in the world - and I’ve met lots of people! There’s no one quite like you, and I am very grateful for you. ❤️☀


Thank you Dr Verma!! Loved the office, the staff was fantastic and best of all, she was able to address all of my questions and health issues!! 10 out of 10 for sure!!!


I have never felt more calm and under control over the last 8 years. My son and gf noticed a huge difference in my personality. I’m happy again, I have energy, I’m not shaking w/panic. I’m only in the infancy stages, but wow! Something must have been wreaking havoc on my adrenals, thyroid, etc. I’ll keep ya posted as I up the dosage. You are the best 👍🏻. I feel like I’m getting my body back .


Thank you for your guidance to health and well-being. I have learned so much from you, and I'm so grateful. At almost 55, I've never felt better! I have more energy and I wake up with a clear head, ready for what each new day brings. The knowledge you impart on your patients is priceless. Thank you.


Considering all medical professionals I have worked with are just as clueless as I am, I tend to think there's a chance I could be just as right as they are wrong. So, today I decided to take action. Something I have known I needed to do for 4-5 months now has been nagging at me long enough. I finally made my appointment with Dr. Verma and I am ready to partner with a doctor who is willing to look outside her textbook and speak to me like a person who is capable of healing, not as a diagnosis that can't. This is my newfound hope. I believe there is a mind, body, spirit connection that my hematologists have overlooked. I have been working on the mind and the spirit part for some time now and I am finally ready to revisit the body piece. 


Thank you so much for all your help, Dr. Verma! You were a great help today and one of the kindest and sincere woman I have ever met. I will be glad to do business again in the future.  

Thank youThank youHappy Patient -MK
Good morning Dr. Verma, I just wanted to shoot you a quick email to say thank you again for fitting me in last week for the infusions. They really seemed to help! I have much more energy in the last few days than I've had in months! My mom said to tell you thank you also; we appreciate it. Have a great day! Xo


Thank youThank youHappy Patient

Dr. Verma, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love and dedication. You made a massive impact on our lives today. I will forever be grateful to you, for taking such wonderful care of my precious daughter. You are a beautiful blessing. Namaste 🙏

An updateAn updateB.L.

I wanted to get back to you regarding BHRT and I do want to get started on this. I have been doing a lot of reading and research and better understand that this would be very beneficial to me, as you have mentioned. I also understand that although I am not experiencing the hot flashes or other obvious side effects of menopause, that BHRT can help with the “behind-the-scenes” effects of the hormonal decline on the physical body itself as well as cognitive function, etc. I just want to be the best that I can be and age optimally. I’m already feeling better a week after seeing you. (I have survived no dairy, no eggs, no coffee for 1 week so far....😂)

Thank you!Thank you!LM

Dear Dr Verma
Truly appreciate all you’ve done to get this body as healthy as it can be.

Thank you!Thank you!LR

I just wanted to thank you for your timely help yesterday when I was at the dispensary. I was able to get what I needed because you were reachable and handled it right away. Thank you so much!

You saved her life!!You saved her life!!-AB

I just wanted to say thank you so much for running that blood work on my grandma. You saved her life!! She had a heart attack but at the first sign of it she went to the hospital and was able to control it and i am just SO thankful you made her aware of it!! Thank you so much again. I know it's late, but just wanted to say it.

I highly recommend Dr. VermaI highly recommend Dr. VermaD.W.

In the last nine months since I started the testing and supplements with Dr. Verma, I feel 200% better. I just turned 50 and in the last five years felt anxious, had sleeping issues, and other vague symptoms. I wish I had gone for help much earlier. Within just a few weeks after my new meds/vitamins, I emailed Dr. Verma to let her know I was markedly better. And, I recently received my six-month follow up labs back and made dramatic improvements. For women struggling with their overall health in their 40’s and early 50’s,, there is help out there. Surprisingly, the supplements I’ve added have been easy to take and life-changing in how I feel. I highly recommend Dr. Verma.

I really do appreciate the education (and dedication) you provide as a physician!I really do appreciate the education (and dedication) you provide as a physician!KB

Dr. Verma;

Thank you for the follow-up on these articles. I really do appreciate the education (and dedication) you provide as a physician! I am excited to get serious about going even more plant-based with my diet and I am really optimistic the supplements will provide the necessary means to getting my diagnostics back where they should be. My wife and I threw away a lot of the processed snacks in our pantry yesterday. It’s so much easier when everyone in the household is onboard. By the way, thank you for the recommendation to try Freshii. I loved it! I hope they open one near my residence. We need more of these places as healthy options to the typical fast food joints that seem to pervade our communities. Thank you again.

I would highly recommend her to anyone needing helpI would highly recommend her to anyone needing helpL.R

It is really refreshing to find a Dr. these days as caring and patient as Dr. Verma. I sought out help from her for a holistic solution to an ongoing chronic pain problem. I've been amazed by how much better I feel already. Traditional mainstream medicine is a broken system. If you really want to get down to causes and real medicine see Dr. Verma! I would highly recommend her to anyone needing help.

Grateful for youGrateful for youDr.V

My son shared that your session was very powerful for him as he takes a stance for creating perfect health. I acknowledge who you are and what you gift to others inside your commitment to holistic healing. Grateful for you

I highly recommend her and Synergistiq Integrative HealthI highly recommend her and Synergistiq Integrative HealthJ.R

Dr Verma is amazing! Her knowledge provides comfort and I know I’m in good hands. She spends time with you which is hard to find these days. I searched a long time for someone like her and so thankful that she is local to where I live. The intimate relaxing atmosphere of the office only adds to the many wonderful things about her. I highly recommend her and Synergistiq Integrative Health.

She has been a wonderful Doctor!She has been a wonderful Doctor!J.M

A patient for more than a year, I sincerely recommend Dr. Verma and her kind staff. My primary condition is MS (multiple sclerosis), for which I have many Medical Doctors and specialists. Even though I respected all of these doctors, I felt the need for a controlling hand to combine all the specialists. And I wanted to try alternative medicine including Medical Marijuana and examine my diet. After researching several, I selected Dr Verma. Her professional certification and education are top Notch. Most importantly she is accessible and will stop and take time to handle problems and answer questions. She has been a wonderful Doctor!

Thank you for keeping us healthy!!!Thank you for keeping us healthy!!!L.H

I love this place! Dr Verma truly cares about her patients. And she listens....which is a lost art these days. Thank you for keeping us healthy!!!

Dr Verma always looks for the root cause so her patients can have complete optimal healthDr Verma always looks for the root cause so her patients can have complete optimal healthE.S

It is reassuring for me to have complete confidence in a highly qualified doctor who genuinely cares about your overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being and doesn't just put a Band-Aid on a symptom. Dr Verma always looks for the root cause so her patients can have complete optimal health. Her in depth testing to uncover any deficiencies far surpasses traditional doctors. If you're tired of not getting any long-term solutions and want to live your life to the fullest, make an appointment with Dr. Verma. It will be life changing!

Dr. Verma is absolutely amazing!Dr. Verma is absolutely amazing!E.M

Dr. Verma is absolutely amazing! She is very thorough and explains everything in depth. She will cover ALL of the bases and get on board with your other doctors to make ensure you are getting the right treatment. Some of the tests she did no other doctor would even go near. I’m glad she did because she found some pretty serious issues that need to be addressed and I don’t feel as if these issues would have been found and addressed by any normal doctor I’ve been to. Not only is she thorough but she is very well mannered and you can tell she actually cares about the well being of her patients.

Dr. Verma is amazing, kind, and so intelligentDr. Verma is amazing, kind, and so intelligentJ.M

Dr. Verma is amazing, kind, and so intelligent. She has been physician to my husband and myself for the past few years. What I love about her and her practice-She finds the root cause and works with high tech laboratories for extensive testing. She keeps up to date with the latest information on cutting edge treatments, supplements and diet vs traditional medication. She is open to traditional medication if that is what is indicated. She is accessible, she listens, and she spends time treating the entire you!

My experience with Dr. Verma thus far has truly been one of a kind!My experience with Dr. Verma thus far has truly been one of a kind!S.R

My experience with Dr. Verma thus far has truly been one of a kind! She is patient, understanding and exceptionally thorough. I did not feel pressured or rushed. I would recommend anyone to her office and to follow a holistic approach with their health.

We cannot thank Dr. Verma enough for helping us!We cannot thank Dr. Verma enough for helping us!B.L

Dr. Verma is kind and patient and takes the time to explain in great detail any questions or concerns that you have. She gives you a plethora of information, and her lab results are quite comprehensive. I sought her out after being told I had osteoporosis following my dexa scan results and my doctor wanted me on bone drugs. At 51. No way! After much research, I was led to Dr. Verma. I took the alternative route with diet, weights, and pharmaceutical-grade supplements. I also learned that I had hypothyroidism, so with proper addressing of this issue, I have more energy and feel better than ever before! At 54! She also helped my teenaged daughter who was so lethargic. All. The. Time. Now she even recognizes how much better she feels with her supplements and change in diet. We cannot thank Dr. Verma enough for helping us!

I can’t say enough about Dr. Verma!I can’t say enough about Dr. Verma!D.B

I can't say enough about Dr. Verma! She has a true gift for medicine and educates her patients as she provides exceptional care! She takes the time to go over test results and discusses the best treatment options ,if needed. She really cares about helping her patients live healthier lives!

I have had an amazing experience thus far with Dr Verma!I have had an amazing experience thus far with Dr Verma!A.C

I have had an amazing experience thus far with Dr Verma! I am feeling better than ever and on the road to health and wellness that I have been searching for most my adult life. She is always available which you never get anymore with MDs! I’m a lifer with her and couldn’t be more happy!

It is hard to find a more caring and knowledgeable MD than Dr VermaIt is hard to find a more caring and knowledgeable MD than Dr VermaJ.D

It is hard to find a more caring and knowledgeable MD than Dr Verma. Dr Verma was my daughters physician when she was in Family Practice. And now several of my friends and family continue to see her in her integrative practice. If you want real down to earth advice to empower you to improve your health then, please, make an appointment with Dr Verma. You will be glad you did.

Love love LOVE Dr Verma!Love love LOVE Dr Verma!C.H

Love love LOVE Dr Verma! She takes the time to listen and really find the root cause of your issues. Our whole family now sees her and we could not be happier (or healthier)!

Her practice is friendly and cutting edgeHer practice is friendly and cutting edgeE.F

Dr Verma is uniquely committed to the ongoing well being of her patients. All medical practitioners are dedicated to addressing injury, illness and presenting conditions. For Dr Verma, identifying and treating existing challenges is just the beginning. She's passionate about her patients ongoing health and helping them maximize their quality of life. Her practice is friendly and cutting edge. Anyone who is interested in improved health and/or optimum personal performance should consider a meeting with Dr Verma.

I have lost 30 lbs and feel better overallI have lost 30 lbs and feel better overallSR

Since first seeing Dr. Verma 4 years ago, I have seen major improvements in my health from her recommendations. I have lost 30 lbs and feel better overall. She does a variety of in-depth testing which is very insightful and also offers unique services to complement on-going healthcare such as IVs, CVAC pod, PEMF mat, infrared sauna, bioidentical hormones and more. Her preventative approach to chronic diseases as an integrative MD is what sets her apart from the traditional realm of healthcare that we are all used to. I highly recommend everyone to follow this approach to proactive healthcare.

I love Dr. Verma!!I love Dr. Verma!!A.K

I love Dr. Verma!! I was lucky enough to find Dr. Verma and her practice (Synergistiq) when she was opening in 2014. I'm grateful every day for Dr V. and her brilliance and heart. It was extremely difficult to navigate the world of my chronic illnesses before Dr V helped to find creative solutions to treatment issues. I'm extremely thankful, and would highly recommend anyone interested in improving their health with a caring, attentive, and holistically-focused doctor to make an appointment with Dr V. We need more doctors like her!!!

Dr. Verma was my primary care physician years agoDr. Verma was my primary care physician years agoH.P.

Dr. Verma was my primary care physician years ago at Baycare and I instantly loved her approach to medicine - at an initial visit she suggested testig my hormones and i was so impressed with her big picture outlook during that time. I was looking for a second opinion on a newly diagnosed condition and I was beyond thrilled when I found Dr. Verma again. At my first appointment, she was thorough and offered valuable insight into what may be contribution to my condition. In the three months that I've bee seeing Dr. Verma my health has improved and taken on an entrirely new direction. She offers not only medical advice but clear direction and suggesstions on how to live healthier and become the best healthy version of yourself. When you meet with Dr. Verma and experience the environment of her practice - you naturally yearn for a healthier way of living. I am excited about my new health journey and feeling much better with improved lab results to confirm I am on the right path with Dr. Verma.

Good morning Dr VermaGood morning Dr VermaAK

Good morning Dr Verma, I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. It's often difficult to communicate well for me--so while I feel I can, I'm sharing with you. You're a brilliant and compassionate person and Doctor! In a sea of ignorance, somehow I found you and your practice. What great energy! You have always been and continue to be happy, healthy, awesome, and inspiring. Thank you! ☀️

After I gave birth to my childrenAfter I gave birth to my childrenTL

After I gave birth to my children, my body changed and sex life was not as satisfactory. My healthcare provider recommended the Juliet laser. The effects were immediately visible for me and improved over time. One month after the treatment, I still notice continuous improvements in tightness. It’s made a huge difference, I feel like I’m 18 again, which is great.

I decided to try the new Juliet treatmentI decided to try the new Juliet treatmentML

I decided to try the new Juliet treatment. I didn’t feel any pain during the procedure and I can’t believe how good the results have been for me. It improved my sexual life and I don’t have any problems with accidental urination.

You are so inspiring and hopefullyYou are so inspiring and hopefullyAnonymous Instagram Follower

You are so inspiring and hopefully I get a chance to meet you in person one day. I have a daughter who is going to be at your lecture in Vegas and is very excited about it. Thank you so much

I have had an amazing experience thus far with Dr Verma!I have had an amazing experience thus far with Dr Verma!-AC

I have had an amazing experience thus far with Dr Verma! I am feeling better than ever and on the road to health and wellness that I have been searching for most my adult life. She is always available which you never get anymore with MDs! I’m a lifer with her and couldn’t be more happy!

I am so grateful to have found Dr. VermaI am so grateful to have found Dr. Verma-RC

I’d spent most of my adult life suffering a multitude of various severe, bizarre symptoms, yet never got answers from my PCP or OBGYN. They either blew me off or offered me medications that I truly didn’t want to take. Dr. Verma came highly recommended to me via several friends. I chose her based on that, plus the fact that she doesn’t push synthetic medications and takes more of a holistic approach to treating patients. She spent well over an hour with me discussing my family history and symptoms and sent me on my way with a wealth of information regarding diet and lifestyle changes. Within a few weeks we had lab results and finally a diagnosis! When I look back, I am so frustrated knowing that I suffered for so long because my doctors never even bothered to run the correct labs; however, I am so grateful to have found Dr. Verma and have finally gotten the answers I needed to change my life! She took considerable time explaining my labs and diagnosis to me, along with suggesting further lifestyle, diet, and supplement changes that would help me feel my best. She continues to be accessible to me when I have questions regarding my health or treatment. I am not exaggerating when I say that I feel like I would have spent another lifetime having symptoms and getting no answers if I’d not found Dr. Verma. In the 6+ month since my actual diagnosis, my quality of life has improved so tremendously, my symptoms have reduced drastically, and I’ve recommended her to many people.

Dr VermaDr VermaL.M

I am feeling so great since i came Into your office. It’s amazing, thank you!

Thank you a million times overThank you a million times overA.B.

Dr Verma, I just wanted to send you a quick update that Anna is doing so much better, thanks to you. I was aware of most of her allergies and we avoided those foods, but the Cashews and Flaxseed allergy, which showed up on the blood tests caught me completely by surprise. Now that we've eliminated those two, she's like a completely different, NORMAL, HEALTHY little girl. I'm thrilled. My husband and I were discussing our "not-always-the-best" experience with Anna's pediatrician, and I mentioned that you'd suggested that it was a least possible that her pediatrician may have wondered if I was deliberately hurting Anna. I was shocked when you said that because that possibility didn't even occur to me. But in hindsight, based on the interaction and just the general atmosphere in her pediatrician's office, it makes a lot of sense. I'm aware that doctors need to keep an eye open for that sort of thing...but, c'mon I LOVE Anna. I spent SEVEN years going through all sorts of painful medical treatment and praying and begging God for a child, there's NO way I would ever hurt her. I knew something was wrong and all I ever wanted was help in figuring out what was wrong with my baby. You could easily have assumed the same thing, that either I was making it all up or that I was hurting her, but you didn't. So THANK YOU for being impartial and for listening to us, and doing the tests, which proved what I've been saying all along. Once again. Thank you a million times over.

Your grateful patient is comfortedYour grateful patient is comfortedJ.M

Dear Dr Verma, Once again, your grateful patient is comforted. Many thanks

I just wanted to fill you in on somethingI just wanted to fill you in on somethingS.K

Hi Dr Verma, I just wanted to fill you in on something. My hands are FINALLY all cleared up, after 4 years of dealing with it. I had been dealing with itchy eczema-type bumps all over my fingers and knuckles. Gluten free, vegan diet was the cure. No wheat or cheese helped a lot but i still had some bumps lingering. I finally cut out meat a few months ago...I might have some chicken once or twice a month. My hands are clear and my skin looks healthy. So relieved to have happy hands again. Just wanted to share another confirmation for a vegan diet. Thank you!

I was trying to figure out how to return to optimal healthI was trying to figure out how to return to optimal healthE.S

Dear Dr. Verma, The past year and a half seems mostly a haze while I was trying to figure out how to return to optimal health in all areas. A few things stand out very clear to me though. One is the generous opportunity you gave me to work for you. I learned so much, not just about the practical side of office work and integrative health but more importantly about what a healthcare provider should always portray. You set a high standard! You are a beautiful example of combining experience and professional knowledge with compassion and caring. While working for you I observed that you always went above and beyond to make sure your clients had their questions answered and concerns understood via office visits, email and texts. It was apparent to me that you loved your job. You excelled in all aspects of it. You were always willing and wanting to learn more to provide additional services. Yet even in the growth of your business, you never lost your personal, kind and compassionate touch which sets you above most health care providers. I don't think I will be ever able to adequately thank you for giving me a job, especially during such a challenging time of my life. The benefits of being able to observe you on a daily basis and learn from you will always be way above and beyond your generous salary. The money is spent but part of you remains with me. I know I'm in a better place having worked with you and I will always consider you my doctor, mentor and friend.

I can see and feel my body getting stronger.I can see and feel my body getting stronger.GM

Still working on losing weight, it is going slow, but I have noticed my skin getting tighter and my energy level is great. I actually run after work 3 / 4 times a week. I'm not able to stick to under 1000 calories a day everyday, but I have increased my raw veggies and fruit exponentially. Like I said, I haven't lost a whole lot yet but I'm still happy with my progress... I can see and feel my body getting stronger. Thank you.

I am truly grateful. Thank you again!I am truly grateful. Thank you again!P.C

Dr Verma, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your intelligence compassion in providing care for your patients. I am truly grateful. Thank you again!

Have found this website in generalHave found this website in generalRSC

Dr Verma, Have found this website in general to be quite informative - just curious what you think about these articles specifically since you are my "seeing eye dog" in this blind journey of mine. I did stop taking the 5MTHF for a few days, added electrolytes, and overall it helped me feel better. But I don’t want to eliminate it completely if it is something my body truly needs - just maybe in a smaller dosage, or take once every few days/once a week?. I wanted to share with you that overall I am starting to feel better, aside from lingering body/joint/ligament pain that I haven’t yet been able to shake. For the first time in years I just traveled last weekend and didn’t take or need Klonopin - I have been consistently using the CBD oil and had no anxiety issues whatsoever! This was huge for me! Thank you again for helping me. For years and years I was dismissed by all of my doctors, and for the first time I have answers and am on my way to better health. I will always be so grateful for you for this!

My health is so much better nowMy health is so much better nowJ.M

Dr Verma, My health is so much better now after having come to see you. Thank you for all your help and attention to detail. I have never had a physician treat me the way you do. You actually do EVERYTHING yourself, which is so unheard of. When I was ready for my IV therapy, I would have never imagined you starting my line and sitting next to me to chat in between your other patients. You are a wealth of info and I look forward to this journey to wellness of mind-body-soul, as you call it. I would recommend the whole world to see you. No joke! Thank you a million times. You opened up my eyes. As you say, health is an investment, not an expense. Nothing could be more true.

Saw you in Hollywood at A4MSaw you in Hollywood at A4MK.C

Saw you in Hollywood at A4M. Love you!

Between the vit d and b12 I feel so much betterBetween the vit d and b12 I feel so much betterM.S

Between the vit d and b12 I feel so much better. Somehow it has curbed my cravings. Have lost 7 lbs and have not had a beer or wine in 3 weeks with no problem. Thinking about drinking one is totally out of the question. I have never lost weight before. Eating clean and walking each night. Sleeping was an issue for a bit but now in a groove. Thank you!


My first meeting with Dr. Verma was more that I expected and that’s a lot from someone like me. I think the good doctor would agree. I am relatively healthy but want more as I tend to be an over achiever and compulsive and I think I’ve met my match. Candid and open if your are candid and open. I treat a doctor like I would a lawyer, to get good results you have to be honest and guys, drop the macho nonsense. If you are older, all parts will work fine if you listen and put into practice what you hear from this wonderful women. No more old out of shape primary doctors who throw a jar of pills your way for me. I’ve found a new home and will dwell there for the unforeseeable future. A few dollars are meaningless when it comes to my health ( I love me, before I can love others). Lost my wife to a one shot heart attack and she was not really overweight just took way too many pills was diabetic and ate junk. I believe there is something after you leave your earthly body and we will reunite but I’m in no hurry. Dr.Verma will keep me here for quite some time and I totally am looking forward to our nest visit. You older guys, she’s the real deal!!!! PS Thanks my darling Cindy for your divine intervention and helping me with a new chapter of my earthly life. I will always love you...