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I have to say from experience of becoming a clean plant-based eater, meaning I gave up dairy and eggs, that cheese was the hardest to give up.
There’s just something about cheese.
Even when I talk to my patients, there’s no issue giving up milk or yogurt or even ice-cream, but cheese… it’s hard to part with.
I of course have never felt better being on a plant-based diet.
I grew up as a vegetarian, but I drank milk, ate cheese and yogurt and ice-cream.
I used to eat fish and chicken later in life, but never really cared much for it.
I never wanted to eat red meat or pork, so I don’t miss what I never had.
But cutting out the cheese was challenging.
And let’s be frank, sometimes finding a great vegan cheese is not the easiest, or tastiest.
Until I discovered Trader Joe’s vegan cheese.
I have tried the gamut of vegan cheeses.
Some good. Some not so good.
I made cauliflower crust pizza yesterday and topped it with this cheese… and OMG, wow!
It was amazing.
Melted like real cheese.
Tasted like real cheese.
I couldn’t believe my taste buds.
I don’t know why it took so long to discover you, but I just made myself the best flatbread pizza with you topped all over it.

The best part of eating a plant-based diet… you get to discover and experience so many wonderful flavors and foods knowing that your health is thanking you for it.
Google “plant-based diet” and you’ll be surprised how many mouth-watering recipes pop up.
There are always healthy and yummy alternatives to the unhealthy counterparts.