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• This is what 5 pounds and 1 pound of fat look like. That is what I have in my hands. And it’s heavy. Can you imagine carrying this around in your abdomen or thighs?
• Reality is, this is what many people experience. Obesity is an epidemic, and a serious medical issue that can lead to a host of several chronic medical issues like high BP, diabetes, heart disease, hormonal imbalance, thyroid/adrenal issues, erectile dysfunction, circulatory disorders, poor gut health, and so much more on mental and physical levels.
• Don’t let the holiday pounds sneak up on you. Ask yourself, are those cookies and cake worth it later? Indulgences are short-lived, but the consequences are forever .
• Call Synergistiq to find out how to be proactive about healthy weight loss and detox.
• It’s the best Xmas gift & New Year’s resolution you can give yourself.