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I am posting this as a source of inspiration, because nothing comes easy without hard work and dedication.
It takes mental and physical discipline.
It’s been 9 months since I went a step further and cleaned up my diet even more (yes, it was possible), took my HIIT and cardio workouts to the next level and practiced more meditation.
9 months ago, which is about the time New Year’s resolutions were happening coincidentally, I started experiencing a rash on my face.
I am not one to wear cover up or foundation, and I found it distressing as my cheeks always seemed flushed.
If I took a hot shower, ate spicy food, had a little alcohol… the rash would flare-up.
On top of that, my sleep quality was disturbed.
I thought to myself, “wow, I feel like I do almost everything right, how can this be happening?”
It was a feeling of dejection essentially.
Stress was the culprit.
There’s no magic remedy to get rid of stress, so I reexamined my lifestyle.
As a mother and as a physician, my life is spent nurturing and caring for others.
But I was neglecting my own well-being.
There was never an excuse for me not to take care of myself.
I have been through many phases in my life, and the biggest one was motherhood, being pregnant and breastfeeding continually over a five year time span.
You watch your body transform as you create new life and give birth and nourish that new life.
I have always believed in working hard, and no matter what the circumstances are, you may fall seven times but have to stand up eight.
So I knew even more so, it was time to be the change I wanted others to see and become.
People may look at me and assume things come easy, or I may not have to work as hard to be the way I am.
I have been bullied and taunted for looking different, and being different, whether it was my ethnicity or body structure.
Being unique is a gift I learned to recognize and cherish.
Don’t victimize yourself.
Be who you are, not what others want you to be.
If you put your mind and heart to whatever you want to accomplish, it’ll happen, I promise.
To get up at 5:30a this morning and work out and plan my meals and get to work and take care of patients and then go home and be a mother… it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.
You don’t have to be better than everybody else, you just have to be better than you have ever been.
Age is just a number.
Find your youthfulness.
You can do it!