Synergistiq Wellness


Lecturing in Hollywood and Vegas for A4M (Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) seems like only yesterday, and this all happened in 2018.
So excited to be an even bigger part in 2019.
Tonight, my podcast gets aired.
Tomorrow I do a teaser webinar presentation.
Then in May is the huge spring world congress event in Orlando where I get to lecture a few times on CBD and medical marijuana.
It doesn’t end there… in October I get to present on IV therapies in Manalapan, Palm Beach.
I love spreading the wealth of health as an integrative MD, esp since I practice what I preach and strive to be the best role model to everyone.
Everybody knows how passionate I am and I love seeing my patients thrive and succeed on the journey to wellness.
Nothing makes me happier than to hear amazing testimonials.
Cheers to clean living, health and happiness.
Create a healthier and happier version of your existence!
Dr Verma is in the house!