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At the gym this morning, this woman came up to me to tell me that she admires my workouts & then says… “you are just so strong.”
and i complimented her back telling her i have noticed her workouts and she is pretty amazing likewise.
i grew up always being told i was too skinny, i need more meat on my bones, i don’t eat enough perhaps, etc.
on top of that, i dealt with being a different ethnicity and trying to feel proud of who i was.
the struggles were all too real.
in a society where it is hurtful to criticize people for being overweight or obese, i felt it was so hypocritical to call someone “too skinny.”
my feelings were hurt just the same.
this is my body type, my genetics, and i learned eventually to be proud of it.
people come in all shapes and sizes and colors and personalities…
and we need to appreciate that.
i am definitely all about living a healthy lifestyle, and i encourage others to do the same.
you have to be happy in your skin.
i am happy.
and as women, we need to start empowering each other before we look to men to respect us.
we are role models in so many ways, and as a mother to three boys and as a physician, i have to set an example showing everyone to be proud of who they are…by doing so myself.
i got this tattoo several years ago, and everyday it reminds me to have self-confidence.
the Sanskrit writing is Lakshmi, part of my first name.
one of the Hindu goddesses in the trinity.
“where women are worshipped, goddesses dwell”