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What do I have in my hand?
Epithalon peptide.
Who knows what telomeres are?
Simply stated, they are the protective caps at the end of ? DNA.
They play a role in cellular aging, and as we age, they shorten, and cells die.
Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking, stress, lack of exercise, and unhealthy diet, play a role as well.

As an integrative, anti-aging MD, my goal is to exemplify to my patients how to optimally age.
In my practice, I do that in a variety of ways, whether it be through in-depth labs, IVs, supplements, clean eating, proper sleep, aesthetics, stress reduction, and more.

Peptides play a role in that as well.
Epithalon has been shown through scientific research to induce lengthening of telomeres thus slowing down the aging process and activating cellular regeneration.
The pineal gland produces ephithalamine as well as melatonin.
In studies, a 25% increase in lifespan in rats was noted with ephithalamine peptides.

This may be one of the best kept secrets out there, but I am sharing it with you.
Earlier today someone guessed my age to be 13 years younger than I really am.
If I can look a decade younger than my age for the rest of my life, then I know I am optimally aging.
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