Synergistiq Wellness


I think Thomas Edison was pretty spot on when he spoke the quote below.
And of course we love what Hippocrates had to say.
I took the Hippocratic oath as a physician… so my goal is true “healthcare,” not “sickcare,” which is unfortunately our current situation.
Let’s be proactive, not reactive.
Grab the bull by its horns and take control of your health.
Don’t let your lack of health rule you and determine your destiny.
You work all your life and save money… to spend it later on medicines and illnesses?
My goal is to enjoy life as I live it, and to do the best I can to prevent disease from occurring. Dis-ease.
Think about that word. Not pretty.
You have the power to be healthy, happy and awesome…
mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually…
everything that encompasses the mind-body-spirit as a human.