Synergistiq Wellness


This body has been through a lot,
especially as a woman.
There are so many phases.
From being pregnant five times, to having three amazing natural births, to breastfeeding, to sagging and stretched out skin, to a changed belly button which is now somewhat popped out… I love it.
I am proud of my imperfections nonetheless, because they are still MY imperfect perfections.
I work hard every day for this.
But that discipline becomes a habit.
And this plant-based body thrives with the synergy of mind-body-soul.
We are never happy with what we are or where we are in life for the most part, but I can say that I keep striving to always be better than I was compared to the day before.
I don’t compare myself to others, because it’ll never be enough.
It’s not about impressing anyone else.
Make yourself happy. You set the bar.
I believe in healthy diet, proper sleep, exercise, and meditation.
Be healthy. Be happy. Be awesome.
That’s how you live life.
Create a healthier and happier version of your existence.